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You can now get married in a neon wonderland in the UK

You can now get married in a neon wonderland in the UK

I'm so booking this when I get married.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker certainly got it right with their Vegas wedding

What could be better than galavanting off to Sin City to tie the knot in front of an Elvis impersonator underneath a huge neon sign?

How about having the same dreamy wedding experience right here in the UK, at just a fraction of the price tag? We thought so, too. Check out the video below:

Well, you can now get married in a neon wonderland in the UK.

God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow, East London, has long been hailed as ‘the coolest place in London' for its endless brightly coloured lights and signs which resemble something out of the Gambling Capital of the World.

Coined the place ‘where neon never dies’, this dreamlike venue full of cute, romantic, and sometimes downright lusty light-up declarations of love could be the backdrop to your special day, as the neon shop has recently announced that they have a marriage licence. Woohoo!

Taking to their Instagram platform, the venue shared a video of one wedding set-up this week, writing: “The wedding tables are set! Weddings at @godsownjunkyard.

“We have a weddings licence.”

You can get married in a neon wonderland in London.
@godsownjunkyard / Instagram

Onlookers quickly flocked to the comments to share their desire to say their vows under the sea of retro lights.

“Can't think of many better places for a wedding,” one starstruck viewer comments, while someone else added: “What a cool idea!!”

“This is where I would get married,” another fan of the brightly-lit venue expressed.

Meanwhile, another woman went as far to say that she would actually consider ‘divorcing’ her partner in order to re-do their wedding and have it at God’s Own Junkyard.

It's long been hailed as ‘the coolest place in London'.
@kemenynati / TikTok

“I am divorcing you so we can do it again next year,” she quipped.

The museum's owner Chris Bracey has been dubbed ‘the Neon Man’ for creating iconic pieces of art for 37 years for the likes of David LaChapelle and Martin Creed.

Other pieces of his work have been said to appear in the likes of Tom Cruise’s Eyes Wide Shut, Johnny Depp’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Jack Nicholson’s Batman.

The museum is home to new and pre-loved neon signs, as well as reclaimed, salvaged and retro signs and old-school movie props.

You can also see fairground and circus lighting, as well as architectural signs there.

For opening times, directions and wedding info, visit their website here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/godsownjunkyard /boulevard events

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