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'My Dad Built Me A Princess Castle'

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'My Dad Built Me A Princess Castle'

We've all heard the saying 'Daddy's little princess', but one dad went further than most for his princess by building her a literal castle.

Yes, you read that right, a doting dad built his daughter a princess castle and the whole thing is off the scale impressive! Watch below:


Christina Mark has been sharing the unbelievable castle on TikTok, and she told UNILAD that her dad built the castle from scratch after buying the property in 2001.


She explained: "He built the castle, because my sister and I, when we were younger, we used to dress up like princesses and he wanted us to, like, live our dream."

The castle is as big as you'd expect and contains nine bedrooms and 10 and a half bathrooms.

Located in Woodstock, Connecticut, Christina currently lives in the castle, however, she is keen to show people around as her dad has now put it up for sale.

This is because his little princesses will soon be moving out and he thinks the castle is too big for him to live in alone.


"It's because my sister is in college and I'll be going to college next year," she explained. "We're moving out, and he doesn't want to just be there by himself if we're not using it."

Apparently, Halloween is amazing at the castle! Credit: chrismarkcastle1
Apparently, Halloween is amazing at the castle! Credit: chrismarkcastle1

Christina opened up about her favourite part of her current home, saying: "There's a bunch of features that I love, but probably the most shocking is the glass dome at the top.

"Because when you're up there, it's all glass and you can see three floors down because there's glass in the three floors below it, too."


She continued: "So it kind of feels like you're flying. It's really scary, honestly!"

The castle was an amazing place for Christina to grow up and she explained that whenever she invites a friend around for the first time, they didn't believe it is actually her home.

She said: "At first, I don't even tell them that I live in a castle. And so they just show up, unexpected, and they are shocked out of their mind.

"They don't even believe that it's real. They're always like, 'You don't live here!'"


But while Christina won't be living in the castle for much longer, her family's legacy will remain there, as it's named Christ Mark Castle after her dad.

However, if you'd like to buy this princess castle, it won't come cheap, and according to its listing, it will set you back a whopping $60 million.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram: @chrismarkcastle

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