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Mum's 50th birthday party turns into full-on brawl over vape

Mum's 50th birthday party turns into full-on brawl over vape

The mum described the fights as 'like something out of Shameless'

A mum’s 50th birthday descended into chaos after a huge brawl 'like something out of Shameless' broke out over a vape.

Lisa Keegan's family gathered to celebrate her 50th birthday last June, but alongside the cake, banners and birthday wishes there was also a scrap - check it out:

The party had all been going fine until family friend Adam snatched a vape out of the hands of a teenage partygoer.

After seeing the teen have their vape grabbed by Adam, Lisa’s other-half Tony got involved - and from here things quickly escalated and a full-blown fight ensued.

In footage of the barney, Lisa can be seen trying to separate the two men, but ends up getting herself in Tony’s line of fire and shouts: “No, you’re battering me.”

Speaking last year when the footage went viral, Lisa said: "You're only 50 once and this is certainly a birthday I'll never forget! It was mayhem.

It certainly put a damper on the celebrations.
Kennedy News and Media

"Adam was just winding people up, and he took [a lad's] e-cig. Tony stuck up for him, but instead of punching Adam he was punching me.

"They couldn't pack a punch between them because everyone was so drunk. I was in the middle of them to break it up, but I should have just left them to it.

"The video's hilarious. It's like something out of Shameless. It was like a meme. When I fell over backwards I just started laughing. Even the dog was barking to tell them off."

Lisa then admitted: "When I watched it back, I thought 'oh my days'. I was embarrassed. We've been getting a lot of stick about it but some people are calling me a legend. A lot of my friends think it's brilliant."

Keegan described it as being 'like something out of Shameless'.
Kennedy News and Media

And, although it may have looked as though the two blokes are now frenemies, they actually made up pretty quickly, Tony confirmed.

"It's funny to watch back,” he said. “My girlfriend was falling over, Lisa was shouting and yelling, everyone's falling all over the place.

"Adam was being cocky, but we were all p***sed up. It was more funny than anything else. He's not my mate but I know him. He's a nice lad.

"I accidentally threw a few punches at her but I didn't mean to. I didn't even know. I was tired more than anything. I'm too old for that sort of thing."

While Adam added: "I didn't mean any ill intentions. And we had a laugh and a joke about it later on. It was more a drunken mess than anything else."

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