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Mum receives death threats after spending over £26,000 on birthday party for her son

Mum receives death threats after spending over £26,000 on birthday party for her son

The mum shared the threats that had been made against her to Instagram

An Australian woman has shared a death threat she received after she revealed that she spent AU $50,000 (about £26,000) on a birthday party for her son.

Roxy Jacenko, 43, splashed the cash on a yacht party in Sydney Harbour for the birthday of her son Hunter Curtis.

According to, an excitable group of more than 20 nine-year-olds got to run around a 37 metre luxury superyacht for the Hawaiian themed birthday party.

Being on the boat was described as 'every kid's dream' with hula dancers to welcome them on board, mocktails to drink, a giant birthday cake, a caricature artist to do their pictures and a jacuzzi.

However, Hunter's mum ended up facing every person's nightmare as she ended up receiving a death threat for throwing the party.

Australian businesswoman Roxy Jacenko threw a lavish AUS$50,000 birthday party for her son.

She shared the death threat to her Instagram page, writing that it was a case of 'another day, another freak slides into my emails'.

The note criticised her for 'vulgar displays of wealth' put on 'while many are struggling' before diving into some truly unpleasant content as the message went from firing insults to wishing death upon her.

It read: "Your [sic] a disgusting piece of trash Roxy Jacenko, With your vulgar displays of wealth on your young children while many are struggling highlights your total self centred narcissistic behavior.

"I pray your CANCER comes back with a vengeance and your children get it as well or perhaps the boat can blow up next time and take your whole vapid and vile family with you.

"Disgusting excuse for a human being please f**k off and die a horrible death."

This was sent by someone calling themselves 'Roxy please die' who can apparently manage to weave the word narcissistic into their death threat but opened their message with the wrong 'your' (it'd be you're in this case).

Her son got his party but Roxy received a very unkind message in the form of a death threat.

Jacenko has previously divided people after posting a picture of her daughter's Christmas list which featured several expensive options.

Some people thought it was a fun and sweet thing to post, and Jacenko later said what was on the list was 'hardly unreasonable for a tween', while others slammed it as 'spoiled' given that some of the expensive items cost significantly more than AU $100 each and even some of the cheaper options were pretty pricey.

Her daughter Pixie recently 'retired' aged 11 to focus on school after setting up an online shop selling accessories which apparently made around AUS$200,000 in the first month and continued to bring in the money.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@roxyjacenko

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