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Mum admits if she had to starve herself to buy baby designer clothes she would

Mum admits if she had to starve herself to buy baby designer clothes she would

A mum has admitted that she would starve herself so that she can buy designer clothes for her daughter.

Many parents would go to some pretty extreme lengths for their kids, but few would go as far as this mum, who admitted she'd rather go without food than deprive her seven-month-old baby of the latest designer clothes.

Despite the fact the tot will surely grow out of the expensive garments in no time at all, Carissa Spark has admitted she often prioritises dressing her daughter to the nines over the weekly food shop.

The Dorset mum will happily live on a diet of canned soup and instant noodles in order to spend half of her meagre income on dressing her daughter.

Carissa Spark says she would starve herself to buy her daughter designer clothes.
YouTube/Real Families

On the reality TV show Blinging Up Baby, Carissa said: "I like a lot of bows, a lot of frills, ribbons, anything sparkly - I'm never going to not be this way.

"If I had to starve myself to buy her bling, probably would do it."

While she may be thinking about the next designer outfit she can buy for her baby on a daily, Carissa usually ends the month counting pennies in order to pay for the essentials and the bills.

Carissa spends half her income on clothing Lavinia.
YouTube/Real Families

She lives off just short of £100 a week in government financial support while she is studying part-time to be a hairdresser.

But the mum does say that she ensures that her daughter's needs are met before hers, which includes food and toys.

"I always make sure Lavinia's got the things she needs first. She's got everything - it's me that goes without things," she said.

"I've been living off like tin soup, maybe Cup a Soups, and packet noodles."

Despite her struggle, Carissa tries to make sure that Lavinia wears designer clothes as often as possible so that she can get her money's worth out of the expensive wardrobe.

Carissa tries to make sure that her daughter wears designer clothes as much as possible.
YouTube/Real Families

Carissa said: "I'm hoping that when I look back at photos with her, she can see how much effort went in and she can see how loved she was.

"I never was close with my mum, and I knew when I had a baby [I wanted to be so close] with her.

"When I put the things I buy on her, I sort of get emotional over how nice it is. I like to feel that way. For me, it makes everything worth it."

Following the interview, many parents were left shocked by the way Carissa spends her money.

"As the mother of three daughters, this is one of the most ridiculous displays of bad parenting I’ve ever seen," one person said.

A second added: "I have seen absolutely gorgeous babies and they don't need designer clothes to try and make them look better."

However, there were some viewers who backed Carissa. One viewer wrote: "Carissa is healing her inner child by being the mum she didn't have."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Real Families

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