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Mum Speaks Out After Being Pushed Over By Another Mum During Sports Day Race

Mum Speaks Out After Being Pushed Over By Another Mum During Sports Day Race

The mum said she needed first aid.

A mum who was pushed over by another mum on sports day has revealed she needed first aid after the incident.

Chelsey Walford, 24, was knocked over by another competitive parent, Katie McDermott, 25, last week. Katie had seen that Chelsey was close to winning the race and made the cheeky decision to jeopardise her chances.

You can watch the video below:

Chelsey, from Coventry, has revealed that the push has left her with a bruised leg and a huge bump, which she was given an ice pack for by teachers.

The mum joked that 'next year it's war' after the incident, which she says she wasn't expecting.

"I wasn't expecting it. My leg is bruised and I have cuts but I didn't get hurt. The teachers got me a ice pack after," says Chelsey.

"There was a big bump on it but that's gone down now, just got the bruise. Dirty tactics - it's got to be done. Next year it's war!"

Katie, pictured with Chelsea, explained she was prepared to do anything to win the race.

Katie explained she was prepared to do anything to win the race, admitting to pushing her over in a bid to win the race.

"I told my daughter I would be number one, so I had to be!" she said.

"I could see she was winning - so I just gave her a quick nudge and she took off in the air. I don't know what possessed me to do it, I was just thinking about how I wanted to win so badly!

"I didn't know the mum very well - everyone was shocked but we just carried on as normal afterwards.

"If you see this, sorry that I pushed you - I didn't mean to send you flying! I don't regret it though, because I won!"

Katie was determined to win the race.

Well, Katie isn't the only mum to recently hit the headlines because of her sports day antics, so too did another Katie - namely, Katie Hannaford, 36, from Essex.

In this Katie's case, she accidentally mooned the sports day crowd when she fell over during a parents' race!

Explaining how she managed to moon the crowd, she said: "I think my body was just moving too fast for my legs! I'm so clumsy, I'm always falling over.

"I was humiliated at the time, but it is what it is! I flashed my underwear which is obviously embarrassing but you just have to own it.

"Looking back, it's hilarious - definitely the funniest thing I've ever done in my life!"

You can read more on that here.

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