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Mum seriously divides opinion after wanting to call son Charles Manson

Mum seriously divides opinion after wanting to call son Charles Manson

The mum has sparked a storm online for her unusual baby name choice

It can always be a bit of a tense topic when it comes to the conversation of deciding what to name your baby - but this mum took it to the next level.

The mum has seriously divided opinions after wanting to call her son Charles Manson - and the reason behind the choice is not what you'd expect.

It's fair to say that people have some very strong views on the controversial choice of baby name.

One mum has seriously divided opinion after wanting to call her son Charles Manson.
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The soon-to-be dad took to the sub-Reddit thread 'Am I the A**hole' to share the baby name reveal.

He explained that he and his wife, Melissa, had been married for four years and she is now '8 months pregnant' with their son.

"Melissa and I both use my last name (she changed hers to mine legally), as she does not want to be associated with her last name as she has a lot of trouble with her parents," he continued.

"Unfortunately," the man revealed, "our last name is Manson. As in Charles Manson."

In case you need your memory jogged, Charles Manson was the criminal mastermind behind the Manson family, a cult based in California back in the late 1960s.

Members of the infamous cult went on to commit a series of nine gruesome murders between July and August of 1969.

So, it's understandable why the man wouldn't want his future baby to be associated with the heinous criminal.

He went on: "It really sucks but it's what I have," before revealing that neither he nor Melissa 'ever had a problem with that until now'.

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The Reddit user went on to explain that Melissa's brother 'unexpectedly passed away of a heart attack at the age of 35' which ended up influencing her choice in name for her upcoming tot.

"Melissa now wants to name our son after her brother," he wrote. "I would not have any issue with this, if her brother's name wasn't Charles."

The man had told his wife that he was 'not okay' with her naming their child Charles Manson, but, according to him, Melissa 'insisted that nobody would notice or care'.

The baby name dilemma went on to cause a rift in the relationship after Melissa labelled him an 'a**hole' for 'disrespecting her brother like that'.

Looking to the community for advice on the sticky situation, the man asked: "Should I let this go and just name our son after a guy who has been so important in Melissa's life?

"I really do not want our kid to have to go through life having the same name as a serial killer. Imagine how hard it would be to get a job."

Hundreds rushed to share their opinions on the matter.

It would definitely stand out, that's for sure.

Hundreds flocked to the comment section to share their views on the ordeal, with one Reddit user writing: "Seriously, don't call your kid Charles Manson. Or after any particularly well-documented serial killer."

"Idk why [the] wife thinks people won’t notice the name Charles Manson," a second claimed, "they’re 100% gonna notice it for sure."

A third echoed: "People most certainly will notice and they will think it is weird af."

Others, however, offered some tips on how to get around the naming debacle.

A final Reddit user suggested: "Use Charles as a middle name if you must, or maybe honour her brother using his middle name? A nickname she used to call him?"

What do you make of it?

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