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Mum finds ‘missing’ son in chimney after he went to go find Santa

Mum finds ‘missing’ son in chimney after he went to go find Santa

Her concern soon turned into laughter when she realised what had happened

As if Christmas weren't stressful enough for parents of young kids, one mum was left in a panic after noticing her child had gone missing.

However, the concern soon turned to laughter after realising he was stuck up the chimney. Why? To try and find Santa, of course.

Kierra Madison from Detroit, Michigan, explained that she couldn't find her two-year-old son Jesse in their home on Christmas Eve.

Hilarious photos show the moment she discovered her toddler after a few minutes, covered in soot and looking rather pleased with himself.

Kierra Madison couldn't help but laugh at her toddler's antics.
Kierra Madison

It's hard to stay angry with them when they give you a smile, eh?

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the turn of events, the 23-year-old hospital worker said: "I was looking for Jesse all over and finally found him in the chimney.

"I think he'd been in there a few minutes or so. His sister also tried to follow him."

When she asked him what he was up to, a rather coy Jesse replied: "Finding Santa."

Thankfully Kierra was able to put a stop to their antics before they caused any more chaos, and she swiftly took Jesse for a wash and a change of clothes – but not before capturing a couple of snaps on her phone, of course.

Jesse was just trying to find Santa.
Kierra Madison

She shared the hilarious pics on Facebook where many people found them equally amusing and cute.

One commenter wrote: "I like the way this sweetie pie takes initiative! No need to write a letter. No need to go to the post office. No need to brave the crowds at the mall.

"He's just going to go straight to the source! Cut the out the middle man, and have a face to face with Santa. This kid is going places!"

Another said: "OK, I did have to laugh... what a cutie, but thank you Jesus there wasn't fire or hot coals in it."

"That chimney needs to be blocked before he tries it again," added a third. "Thanking GOD he didn’t get stuck or hurt in there.

Thankfully no one was hurt and no doubt he won't be making the same mistake again after Kierra found him.

The family had a fantastic Christmas.
Kierra Madison

As for how Christmas Day turned out, although he might not have been able to meet Santa himself, he still had a magical day.

The mum added: "Jesse loves Marvel characters so Santa brought him a lot of Marvel toys, clothes and a Spider-Man bike."

All's well that ends well.

Featured Image Credit: Kierra Madison

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