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Mum 'left feeling like a criminal' after lying about children being sick to take them on holiday

Mum 'left feeling like a criminal' after lying about children being sick to take them on holiday

She said money is tight so she lied about her children being sick.

It's no secret that some parents take their children out of school during term time to bag a cheaper holiday, but for one mum, this had consequences.

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous mum explained she was left 'feeling like a criminal' after she took her children out of school for three days during term time.

This babysitter also also ended up in hot water over a holiday:

The mum explained that she only realised that she had been busted by the school when she came back from the three-day holiday to a letter about her lie.

Explaining why she didn't tell the truth, the mum said that 'money is tight', but she still wanted her family to go on holiday.

She wrote: "So before anyone decides to go hard on me, I have never ever lied about the kids' sickness before. I don't know why I did it this time, I guess money is tight.

"We worked hard to be able to afford the holiday but still could not afford the holiday in half term, so we decided to take kids out of school for three days. I reported my children to have sickness.

"And off we went. But unsure why, probably based on their hunch, the school called me the next day. I did not answer, I just sent them a message instead."

However, the school were able to work out that the family weren't in the country because of an 'international ringing tone', and they weren't happy about the situation.

The school realised the mum had lied because of an international dialling tone.
Alamy / Guerilla

"When we got back, I got a letter suggesting I had lied, that the kids were on holiday instead of home, poorly, etc. I don’t know what to do," the mum explained.

"I hate lying and I regret not telling the truth, but has it gone too far now to just admit I lied?

"I feel like a criminal, like I did something unspeakable. But I only allowed for my family to have a wonderful time together, and we had such a great time, it was really priceless."

The mum went on to reveal that her children have 95 percent attendance and are 'doing great academically' and asked users of the Mumsnet forum for a second opinion.

Unfortunately for the mum, she received a mixed response from readers.

One slammed: "I am not always against term time holidays in some circumstances but you take the chance of getting a fine and just pay it if you get one.

"You have behaved very badly and given your children a very bad example."

A second added that schools 'aren't stupid' and if multiple children from the same family suddenly fall ill 'just before/after a half term holiday, of course they are going to know.'

They then told the mum that she should have just been honest about the situation.

The mum's lie received a mixed reaction online.
Alamy / Simon Turner

A third, however, remarked: "I'm a teacher and I don't blame you at all to be honest! I wish I could do the same for the odd day here and there."

Others, meanwhile, offered the mum advice, with one suggesting: "I'd put my hands up and admit it. Doubling down on a lie makes it worse IMO."

Another mum, who was sympathetic as she has recently done the same thing to save money, added: "I think I would say no, you must be mistaken, and not elaborate. And then ignore it. If you get a fine, pay it and say no more."

What would you do in this situation?

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