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Mum sparks debate after admitting she 'judges' parents of overweight children

Mum sparks debate after admitting she 'judges' parents of overweight children

Other parents were divided.

A mum has sparked debate online after revealing she judges the parents of overweight children at her kids' school.

Taking to a parenting forum, the mum explained she had been picking her little one up from school when she noticed her classmate waiting to be collected.

Describing her as a 'very heavy set little girl', the mum asked if other parents ever felt the same.

A mum has sparked debate online after revealing she judges overweight children at her kids' school.

"At school pick up today I noticed a new girl in my daughters class was in the line waiting to be collected," she wrote on Mumsnet.

"She is a very heavy set little girl, they are all in year 1, so still very young but this particular child looked far bigger and sadly really stood out. I found myself feeling so sad, wondering if she will settle in OK and then irrationally annoyed at her parents for putting her in that position.

"I was quite a chubby child for some of my school years and recall the taunts vividly, it made my school experience pretty horrible so I think I have quite a skewed view on this in fairness, it hits a nerve.

"I had a word with myself for being judgemental and not knowing the situation and I know it's non of my business, but I wondered if I'm just a horrible person or if anyone else feels a pang of sadness for these kids and (rightly or wrongly) finds themselves blaming/judging the parents."

The mum said she noticed it when picking her kids up from school.

People were pretty divided over the post. While some agreed with the mum, others argued that it wasn't always straightforward, with poverty and disability often playing a part.

One person wrote: "No, I don't judge them because I have no idea what factors are behind it so its none if my business. One of my DC was overweight due to issues related to their disability."

While another said: "It’s hard to know the circumstances. Obesity and poverty massively overlap for example, so I wouldn’t judge. But I do think it’s such a shame for the kids."

And a third added: "No, I wouldn't if I just saw someone overweight, you don't know the reasons behind it. If I knew them well and they were being fed giant portions and junk food constantly then I would probably judge then bit definitely not on first sight."

Many said they wouldn't judge kids at their children's school.

Others were more in agreement however, with another commenting: "I judge the parents too and feel sad for the children tbh."

And one said: "I'm afraid I do. Some children will be overweight due to disabilities or medical conditions, but most aren't. I'm shocked at times at the size of some of the DCs I see."

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