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Mum breaks the internet with unbelievable grocery shopping hack

Mum breaks the internet with unbelievable grocery shopping hack

The trolley hack has sent the internet into a spiral

Filling, bagging, emptying then returning your shopping trolley can be one the biggest reasons why we all put off the dreaded weekly shop so much.

It's time-consuming, clunky and downright a pain to deal with.

However, due to one woman's unbelievable trolley hack - gone will be the days of the relentless cart-filling and emptying. Check it out:

One mum has sent the internet into a spiral after showing off her 'game-changing' shopping trolley hack.

We all love a good old life hack that actually works and this mum may have just changed the shopping game forever.

The TikTok of a mum pushing a trolley full of groceries while sharing the hack has since gone viral. However, this isn't any ordinary trolley...

Lining the cart up to her car boot, the mum then detaches the storage section off the wheels and slides it right into her car.

No heavy lifting required in the slightest.

The detachable shopping trolley has caused a storm online.

Once in the car, the mum then simply puts the frame and wheels into the boot in one swift action and the job is done.

The trolley in question - aptly named slideAcart - is currently totally sold-out online.

With a mission to 'simplify your shopping experience', the trolley boasts that it will be the 'only cart you will ever need'.

Its website reads: "Transporting your goods has never been easier. Convenient, portable, practical & safer.

"It will make your shopping faster, easier and safer by eliminating many current tasks at the shop and at home."

The trolley has been dubbed the 'only cart you will ever need'.

And it's clear the internet agrees.

Posted to TikTok, the short clip has since amassed a huge 14.3 million views, over 1.3 million likes and thousands of comments from people eager to get their hands on their own detachable shopping trolley.

One TikTok user commented: "That’s gotta be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!!"

"This is a game-changer," added another.

"I need this in my life," wrote a third.

Others noted just how useful the hack could be for apartment-dwellers, people with physical disabilities and those who can't do too much heavy-lifting.

"This would be amazing for people that live in apartments!" wrote one enthused-shopper.

Echoing the revolutionary element of the slideAcart, a second chimed in with: "This would be amazing for people with disabilities who have issues lifting groceries!"

"This is a game-changer."

Who would have thought people could get this excited over a shopping trolley?

However, the video left some questioning how the mum then gets the detached trolley out of the car to unload.

A second video was then uploaded to demonstrate the level of ease it takes to get the cart back out.

The mum can be seen lining up the wheel frame to the car boot yet again as she slides the storage section back on.

Then, using the handy safety strap attached to the handles, the mum secures the cart in place and wheels it away from the car within seconds.

The mum said the whole process was 'so simple'.

It's definitely an improvement from the endless trips carrying bags upon bags from the car to the kitchen.

Featured Image Credit: melanindollxo/TikTok

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