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Mum Left Horrified After Checking Daughter On Baby Monitor

Mum Left Horrified After Checking Daughter On Baby Monitor

We weren't expecting that!

A mum has been left horrified after checking on her daughter through a baby monitor, only to be met with a rather chilling image.

TikTok creator and Christie George was expecting to see a sweet image of her daughter sleeping soundly when she picked up her baby cam, but was instead met with a surprise.

Watch here:

Captioning the video, she wrote: "I'll just check how her nap is going," as she filmed herself picking up the baby monitor.

She then showed followers a close-up of the terrifying view from the camera in her child's bedroom.

After watching Christie's video, viewers took to the comments to discuss the terrifying sight on her monitor.

"This is why I hate putting my son in his crib in his room," commented one TikToker. "Bc that means I'll have to check the monitor and I'm scared of this. idk why."

Another wrote: "That’s why I refuse to have a camera monitor. "

And a third described it as 'every parents worst nightmare'.

Christie was met with an unexpected view when she checked her daughter's baby monitor.

Others couldn't hold it together, admitting that Christie's TikTok had left them in stitches.

"This made me cackle," wrote one viewer.

"I have tears in my eyes WHY ARE KIDS LIKE THIS??" asked a second.

"Nah bro the baby was checking in on YOU," joked a third.

Christie's video was a follow-up to an earlier TikTok she had made of her daughter looking particularly haunting on her baby monitor.

Sharing the original video of her toddler standing in the corner of the room staring into space, Christie shared that she had gotten 'the fright of [her] life'.

Christie had previously shared another video of her daughter's frightening behaviour.

Reacting to Christie's first frightfully funny baby cam video, one viewer wrote: "Yeah that’s a no from me… refund immediately."

"Nah I'd run for my life, kid can have the house," joked a second.

"Aight its time to move out, leave the kid though," a third disturbed viewer suggested.

We hope you're still doing ok Christie!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@christiegeeee

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