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Woman heartbroken as no one buys anything from her mum's handmade Christmas stall

Woman heartbroken as no one buys anything from her mum's handmade Christmas stall

Breana was left in tears.

A woman has revealed how she was left heartbroken and in tears after her mum set up a Christmas stall filled with homemade decorations - but nobody bought anything.

TikToker @breana_guadarrama took to the video-sharing platform where she revealed her mum had spent a month handcrafting the decorations, only for people to not take any interest at all.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, Breana explains: "POV your mum spent over a month making Christmas decorations for an event at a booth she rented out and nobody bought anything."

In the video, Breana's mum can be seen setting up all the decorations on the stall, but screengrabs of text messages reveal she struggled to make a sale.

In text messages sent to family members, Breana's mum wrote: "I don't feel good," adding: "Oh well I wanna come home."

"Nah cuz how y’all do my mama like that," Breana wrote in the caption.

Breana explained her mum had spent a month handcrafting the decorations.

And other TikTokers were mega supportive, with many asking if they could purchase some of the handmade decorations themselves.

One person wrote: "Do an online live sale!!! I'll buy something. she is very talented!!"

While another said: "I’d buy the whole damn booth tell moms we got her."

And a third added: "Well that’s a lot of homemade Christmas gifts!! I’ll buy one."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I am just seeing this and would have bought her pieces from Ireland. they are beautiful very talented."

Breana was heartbroken over what happened.

Others begged Breana to set her mum up with an online shop, so they could purchase the pieces directly from her.

And it seems the TikToker listened to the advice, posting a second video explaining: "UPDATE: I made her an online store. Shopify link is in my bio thank you everyone so much!"

And it wasn't long until the shop had totally sold out.

"Everything sold out, Tiktok community is THE BEST," one person wrote.

While another added: "I love that everything is sold out!!! If she ever makes anything minnie/Mickey related again I'd love to buy."

And a third commenter said: "Seeing that more than half of the items are sold out warms my heart."

Other TikTok users simply congratulated the pair after discovering that the decorations had completely sold out.

Some begged Breana to share a reaction video of her mum finding out the items had totally sold out in such a short period of time. We'd love to see this!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@breana_guadarrama

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