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Mum left furious after nursery worker 'fed children sleeping tablets during nap time'

Mum left furious after nursery worker 'fed children sleeping tablets during nap time'

The mum received a phone call from her son's principal confirming a teacher had provided sleeping tablets for the children.

A mum has been left furious after claiming a nursery worker fed her child sleeping tablets during nap time at the daycare centre.

The anonymous mum took to the parenting Reddit forum to explain how she received a call from her son's principal, who told her the whole class had been given sleeping tablets.

Taking to Reddit, the furious mum claimed: "I got a call from my son’s daycare today. It’s from the principal/owner who explained that one of the teachers, who we knew kind of well, gave her whole damn class of 2 to 3 year olds 2x 3mg of Melatonin gummy bears.

"My son, who is not 3 years old yet, was crying and dry vomiting the rest of the day. 3mg is enough to put adults to sleep and this person gave each toddler 6mg.

The incident happened at a daycare nursery.

"I called the doctor, and they said it’s okay as this much melatonin will not do any serious harm.

"But it’s absolutely frightening to think that a teacher or caregiver can be so selfish to the point where they feed babies and toddlers sleeping pills so they can do personal tasks while kids are sleeping."

The mum pointed out it was lucky another teacher spotted the offender giving the children sleeping tablets, adding: "Cops were called by other parents, police and incident reports were filed. But it’s just crazy that a teacher who we thought was excellent would do this."

The mum went on to say the teacher has since been fired, with them claiming it was the first time they gave sleeping tablets to children.

She continued: "But I’ve already noticed that my son sleeping patterns changed drastically in the last two weeks, leading me to believe she has been doing this for a while.

The mum said she noticed a chance with her son in the past two weeks.

"And what’s scary is that if a caretaker really wants to sneak these melatonin candy to kids in a more sneaky way, there really is no guardrail again it.

"And I think the only reason she was caught today, is that she slipped up today and let another teach see her reaching into her bag."

She continued by saying how she noticed her son was more 'sedated' following nursery, adding she is 'so angry' she hadn't spotted something herself.

The mum concluded her post by saying: "If there’s one take away from this, is that I will not be so trusting of any caretaker anymore. Trust but verify everything, even people who I think I know well."

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