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Mum Praised For 'Genius' Indoor Doorbell Hack

Mum Praised For 'Genius' Indoor Doorbell Hack

This is such a good idea!

A mum has been hailed a 'genius' after installing doorbells in her home so she can call her kids down from the kitchen.

Kelly Smith, 39, from Somerset, installed the doorbells inside her kitchen cupboard, and connected one to each of her children's bedroom doors to save her having to shout from across the house.

Instead of yelling up the stairs every time she wants to speak to one of the children - Xavier, 13, Isla, eight, and six-year-old Cohen - she can simply press a button!

Kelly has installed the doorbells so she doesn't have to shout up the stairs (
Kennedy News and Media)

"They don't ignore me if I shout and they are pretty good but my eldest has just discovered Green Day," said Kelly.

"He was being really polite at first and playing it quietly but I told him it's Green Day and he needs to play it with a bit of volume.

"Then my other two watch films so it saves me from standing at the bottom of the stairs fighting with music and films - I can just press the bell.

"Shouting in the house is stressful for the parent and it's stressful for the child.

"Everyone is so much calmer because there's none of that stress. Life is stressful enough as it is."

Kelly explained how she also uses it when Xavier is taking a little too long in the shower (
Kennedy News and Media)

Kelly explained how she also uses it when Xavier is taking a little too long in the shower.

"Xavier's hygiene routine is important to him so when he's showering he takes the bell with him and if he's taking too long, I can buzz him to let him know it's time to get out," she continued.

"The mistake I made at first was putting them in the living room where they had access to them. My six-year-old thought it was hilarious to ring his brother's bell but Xavier takes things very literally so he was [constantly] up and down.

"I thought it would be best to put them in the kitchen cupboard out of sight, which stops them from pranking each other."

Other parents are loving the idea (
Kennedy News and Media)

And other parents are loving the idea, after Kelly, who bought the doorbells from Wilko for £5.50 each, shared the hack on social media.

"It's insane how it's taken off. The comments have all been really positive apart from one who said 'I wouldn't treat my dog like that'," she said.

"I thought that was really interesting that someone would go out of their way to say that. Lots of people say they've been doing it for years.

"People have been calling me a genius, I wouldn't claim that crown myself but it is nice to read."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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