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Mum praised for sharing genius hack to save bins from overflowing

Mum praised for sharing genius hack to save bins from overflowing

This is a must-know after Christmas

The holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year, but when it comes to rubbish, things can quickly pile up.

This is especially the case on the big day itself and the immediate aftermath (it's called Boxing Day for a reason), but now one mum has shared a genius hack that could be a lifesaver if your bins are currently overflowing. Watch below:

Taking to TikTok, the mum showed the ingenious way she gets the most out of her rubbish bags, and we can't believe we've never heard of this until now.

She explained: "This time of the year it's a bit of a squeeze in the bin.

"Make a small hole in the side of your bag. Use a vacuum to suck out the air. Then place some tape over the hole. Ta-dah."

The smart-thinking mum added in the video's caption: "No, it doesn't make the vacuum smell as [as] our food waste goes in a separate bin."

As you can imagine, the video went far from unnoticed since it was posted yesterday (27 December) and at the time of writing, it's been viewed over 200,000 times.

This bin hack is completely genius.
TikTok / @twinklparents

As you can imagine, TikTok users were quick to praise the hack, which will no doubt help a lot of people out as they await the much-anticipated holiday rubbish collection.

One viewer praised: "This is actually genius."

"You show us this NOW?" questioned a second. "I gotta go through my bins now."

A third added: "Nice one the xmas wrapping paper and toy packaging needs this doing, thank you [sic]."

"I'd end up sucking my rubbish from the bag," joked a fourth who clearly wasn't so sure of the hack.

A fifth revealed: "OK I did it wrong and my hoover is now pregnant... Thanks a lot."

"Or use the top of the bag," suggested a sixth, which prompted the mum to explain why this wasn't what she recommended.

She explained: "I did this last year so it's not fresh in [my] mind. I feel like this is super obvious, but I think it lets out the air too quickly while you tie it off."

A seventh, meanwhile, tagged their friend and joked about an alternative way to achieve the same result.

They wrote: "Or get William to stand in the bin and jump on everything."

What do you think of the hack? Is it something you'd be willing to try or do you have another rubbish bag hack?

Featured Image Credit: Nature Picture Library/Alamy Stock Photo TikTok/@twinklparents

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