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Mum Claims Doctor Yelled At Her To 'Be Quiet' While Giving Birth

Mum Claims Doctor Yelled At Her To 'Be Quiet' While Giving Birth

This is shocking.

A mum has claimed her doctor told her to 'be quiet' during labour.

You can watch the clip below:

Taking to TikTok, @yasmynswitzer explained she was giving birth to her third baby when she experienced some rather unusual bedside manner.

Yasmyn started off by explaining that she had stayed at home for most of her labour, wanting to labour at home for as long as possible before she went into hospital.

Her experience didn't start off too well when she arrived and was left waiting half an hour for a glass of water.

She explained: "When I got there I immediately asked for water because I was really thirsty and staying hydrated is pretty important when you're in labour.

"I asked for water and 20 minutes go by maybe even 30 and they hadn't brought me water and I still wasn't hooked up to an IV, so I said can my fiancé just go and get me water? I was super nice."

Yasmyn explained she didn't have the best experience.

Yasmyn explained that she's not the kind of person to be 'cursing doctors' during labour, and explained she was being really polite.

Finally, she was given some water, and the mum explained that not long afterwards, her waters broke.

She said: "I think it broke 10 minutes before my daughter was born, and so I was in the active pushing part of labour for those 10 minutes.

"The doctor came in right after my water broke, right before I started pushing and then as I'm pushing I'm not like screaming or even being really loud I'm kind of moaning... and in the middle of one of my contractions as I'm pushing and I'm making noise, the doctor goes, 'I'm going to need you to be quiet so I can hear'.

"It was so rude, I've been with this doctor a lot throughout my pregnancies and she's not always had the best bedside mannerism."

Followers were totally shocked.

And followers were totally shocked, with one writing on the post: "Girl you should place a complaint."

While another said: "I would write the hospital a letter. So uncalled for! Especially at such a vulnerable time for you."

And a third added: "Jeez you're literally pushing a human out of you they have no right."

Others were sad Yasmyn had had the experience, after having vastly different birthing experiences themselves.

One person added: "My doctor and nurses kept yelling they were like LOUDER get angry it’ll help you push... They were awesome. I’m sorry you went through this."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@yasmynswitzer

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