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Mum divides parents over wanting to change her son's 'inconvenient' birthday

Mum divides parents over wanting to change her son's 'inconvenient' birthday

The concerned parent said she felt bad for her pride and joy having ‘to wait an entire year between presents’ unlike his siblings.

A mum has divided parents online over wanting to give her son, who was born in December, a ‘fake’ birthday in the summer.

The concerned mother took to online forum Mumsnet to explain how bad she felt for her kid that he has ‘to wait an entire year between presents’ unlike his siblings.

Asking for advice, she penned: "My son was born in December and I just feel like it's so hard for him to wait an entire year between presents, and then of course to get birthday and Christmas so close together, especially because his sibling gets presents conveniently around halfway through the year.

"Has anyone done like a fake birthday in June time for December babies? Or is that mad? Or any other solution?"

A concerned mum has divided opinion after wanting to celebrate her son's birthday earlier in the year.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the majority did believe the idea was ‘mad’, with many parents branding the proposed fake birthday as ‘ridiculous’.

One user commented under the post: "I have two December babies and we have never had a fake Birthday as it’s never been necessary.

"Not sure why you need a solution to something that’s not a problem."

"Unless their birthday is literally Christmas Day I think you’re being a little ridiculous, sorry,” another remarked.

A third shared: "I'm a Dec baby. Never been an issue ever. It's just one of those things".

"Don’t you buy gifts and things for your child throughout the year anyway?" another asked. "There isn’t really any need to create a fake birthday if you do things with them on other days anyway."

"Do they literally only get things on birthdays and Christmas?"

Despite some users’ comments lambasting the idea, others gave helpful solutions and shared examples of others that have celebrated half birthdays.

A Mumsnet user commented: "We have a December child. We just balance it by buying summer appropriate things when they are needed and then don't gift our children masses for birthdays Christmas.

"Birthdays we then buy non seasonal items and don't spend masses. We do this for both our kids."

The mother explained that she felt for her son having to 'wait an entire year' for presents.

Another shared: "Friends child with a December 25th birthday often has a party for their X-and-a-half ‘birthday’. Don't think they get family presents then, but they do get a cake and party."

"Dds pal was a Christmas Eve baby and she always had a party on the day they finished up school for the summer, " a fellow mother wrote. "I thought it was a great idea, generally good weather, kids were excited finishing there was just a great vibe. You could try it once and see. "

A fourth posted: "Yes I know a child with a Christmas Day birthday who has his party on his half birthday every year. Seems a good idea but I assume it'll change as he gets older – it seems fine at primary school but perhaps a bit odd for a teen?!"

What do you think? Would you throw your child a half birthday?

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