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A mother of a four-year-old girl has recounted the moment an American Bulldog savaged her daughter’s face, explaining she had to 'punch' and 'kick' for it to let go.

On Monday (14 June), Amy Hobson, 32, appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the ordeal with hosts Richard Madeley, 67, and Susanna Reid, 52.

The mum was joined on the ITV show with her daughter, Luna-Ann Forsyth, and detailed how the four-year-old survived a 'horrific attack' which has left her face scarred.

Amy Hobson appeared on Good Morning Britain to recount the ordeal.
Good Morning Britain/ITV

She said: “I was out shopping with the owner of the dog on April 6. And then we came back from shopping.

“I helped the owner get the shopping in the house. The dog was upstairs. He came down, I think just to see who was in his house.”

Amy then said that she 'fussed' over the American Bulldog while Luna-Ann 'put her arms out to stroke him' like she usually would.

However, the mum said disaster struck as the dog pushed her daughter to the floor and 'just went for her face'.“Luckily I did get the dog. I punched him. I kicked him. I grabbed and twisted his ears. Thankfully he did let go,” she added.

Amy said that the attack lasted for a 'couple of seconds' and that injuries were isolated to Luna-Ann’s face.

The four-year-old was taken to hospital where she was given 40 stitches and plastic surgery.

At the time, police confirmed an investigation had been launched and the dog was seized and destroyed.

Luna-Ann's face has been left scarred.
Good Morning Britain/ITV

A one-minute clip of the interview has since been posted to the GMB Twitter account, which has allowed users to have their say.

One Twitter user wrote: “I think most dogs should have muzzles on them when in the company of children or out at the park."

Another said: “All dogs regardless of size and breed can attack. It’s down to ownership and training, but, they can still turn.”

A third wrote: “Brave little girl. I was bitten aged 12 by a Doberman-Labrador cross. It jumped for my face and I instinctively put hand in the way. I was scared of dogs for many years.”

However, many have been quick to call out the 'insensitive' interview.

GMB viewers have waded in on the discussion via Twitter.
Good Morning Britain/ITV

One viewer said: “Oh my goodness reliving this nightmare in front of this little treasure! What were you thinking??

“Mum said she was having nightmares! And why oh why not a lovely present behind the sofa to give her? Unbelievable, absolutely no thought went into this interview.”

Another wrote: “Has GMB really lost it? Complete sensationalism at the expense of a brave 4-year-old, talking in detail about this horrendous attack. Poorly done GMB.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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