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Mums reveal what they really want for Mother's Day and it's not flowers

Mums reveal what they really want for Mother's Day and it's not flowers

It's just over a month until Mother's Day and your mum probably doesn't want flowers

Now that we're clear of Valentine's Day is time to dedicate some thought to the next gift-giving day and figure out what you're going to get for the most important person in your life; your mum.

That's right, Mother's Day lands on 19 March in the UK and that means it's just over a month away before you'll be showing up one Sunday with a card and gift in tow.

As for what you should be getting her, new research suggests that plenty of shoppers will need to go back to the drawing board.

While flowers are a popular option among gift givers, they're probably not what your mum wants from you this Mother's Day.

A survey of mums by gift experience company Red Letter Days put together a list of the five most popular Mother's Day gifts, and while flowers are runners-up, they are a very distant second.

Mother's Day is coming up again, do you know what you're getting for your mum this year?
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Adorably, it seems that what most mums want on the day dedicated to them is to get to spend it with their kids.

45 percent of mums said the thing they wanted most was the chance to spend quality time with their children, with one in five of mums surveyed saying their kids lived too far away to reasonably make the journey.

With that in mind, Red Letter Day is offering Brits from all corners of the globe the chance to apply for a flight home to the UK for Mother's Day.

The competition is open until 5 March and winners will be chosen on a case-by-case basis, so be sure you make good use of the 500 word allowance to wax lyrical about your mum.

You might be able to get away with wrapping yourself in ribbons and declaring that this year you are the gift, though be aware that any siblings who showed up on the day and brought something with them might trump you.

Whatever you want to bring as a gift, the most important thing is that you show up in person for the day and spend time with your mum.

It turns out the vast majority of mums don't want flowers from their kids this Mother's Day.
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Flowers were second on the list of preferred at just 15 percent, while after that 10 percent said they would prefer an experience to do on the day rather than a physical gift.

Almost half of mums ended up throwing away, regifting or just plain not using the things they got as presents for Mother's Day.

Jewellery might be a pricey choice but only seven percent of mums said it was what they wanted, and a snazzy pair of earrings is really no match for the pleasure of your company.

As for those showing up on your mum's doorstep with a box of chocolates, you really want to rethink your approach as just five percent of mums said it was what they really wanted from a Mother's Day gift.

It might also be a great help if you didn't flood social media with posts about how brilliant your mum is, even though we're sure she deserves all the praise coming her way.

Mother's Day can also be really difficult for people who have lost their mothers, and while your mum isn't going to love you any less if you don't stick a picture of her on Instagram, that post could be a painful reminder to someone else.

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