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Passenger left shocked by price of basic items in her cabin on luxury cruise ship

Passenger left shocked by price of basic items in her cabin on luxury cruise ship

The passenger shared a photo of the list to Facebook

A passenger on board a luxury cruise has been left shocked by the price of even the most basic of items in her cabin.

To be fair, perhaps the word 'luxury' indicates how expensive everything will cost on this ship, nonetheless, this passenger and fellow cruise-goers have been left stunned by the prices on this particular boat.

Thanks to someone onboard, a list detailing many of the everyday items available in the ship’s cabin and its prices has been shared.

The list, which was provided to guests on the Viking Sky cruise liner, includes a bunch of rather expensive items.

The 18-item long list includes a range of items useful for those on a cruise, including throw blankets, serving trays, and tumblers.

Pretty basic, right? Well, the prices coinciding with these items are far from what you would usually expect.

Surprisingly, the most expensive thing on the list is a tissue box that costs a whopping $280 (£222), followed by a $190 (£151) throw blanket.

What do you make of the price list?

Meanwhile, a tooth brush holder on board will set you back a whopping $145 (£115), while a soap dish will cost $140 (£111).

As for the cheaper items on the list, a magazine tag costs $20 (£16) on the cruise, with a clothes brush coming in slightly lower at $18 (£14).

Viking Sky, owned by Viking Cruises, is a Norwegian-owned company operating cruises in Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, North Africa, China, south east Asia, and North and South America.

The rather pricey list ended with a note signed by the Viking Sky general manager, something passengers may have glossed over after spotting the prices.

It read: "We hope you are enjoying your time on board Viking Sky. Your well-appointed stateroom features many delightful amenities.

"Should you wish to purchase any of those items - or any others not included in your personal stateroom category - please see your stateroom attendant."

There is no questioning the ship is luxury.
Viking Sky

As per, a passenger on board the ship posted a picture of the price list to Facebook.

Alongside the photo, they wrote: "Which one of your Viking cruisers cleaned out their room when they left??? I’ve never seen this before."

Many others were left shocked by the prices, with one person commenting: "I want to know what the soap dish, toothbrush holder and tissue box are made from."

However, others pointed out that the prices may be down to the fact passengers have attempted to steal items in the past.

Tyla has reached out to Viking Cruises for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Viking Sky / Facebook

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