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People are just realising what the extra section in shopping trolleys is for

People are just realising what the extra section in shopping trolleys is for

This is a must-know for your next big shop.

Shopping trolleys are an almost every day sight, but it turns out that there is a part of them that most of us didn't know how to use... until now.

The shocking revelation was shared on TikTok by a mum who realised that her shopping experience was never going to be the same again.

Gemma Bird, who goes by the name Money Mum on TikTok account, showed off the two hoops at the front of a trolley in the video.

She then asked over the video: "Did you know what they were for?"

The mum proceeds to show that the handy half hoops can be used to stop your flowers and other long, squashable objects from getting ruined by your shopping.

"Oh my God, is it just me or did you realise these existed on trolleys?"

"I'm still in shock!" she added.

And Gemma wasn't the only one surprised by this seemingly hidden trolley function, as the video has already caught the eye of thousands of TikTok users.

One joked: "I thought they were for wine."

A second, meanwhile, suggested a handy way to get the most of out of them, writing: "flip it round so its in the small section then put the flower etc in [sic]."

The mum had no idea what this part of a trolley was for.
TikTok / @moneymumofficial

A third user elaborated: "Yep. Some have a space below for big packets."

However, this handy supermarket hack apparently won't work for everyone as the holders supposedly now don't exist.

"They are old trolleys," remarked another TikTok user.

And this isn't the first of Gemma's hacks to go viral as she has revealed her simple Christmas budgeting plan, with the video gaining up to a million views.

She explained that she consistently saves £2 a day after the holiday, equating to £14 a week, which leaves her with a Christmas spending pot of £728 for next year, and 'should cover a lot of the Christmas presents and the food'.

Gemma's Christmas budgeting video gained a million views.
TikTok / @moneymumofficial

However, some viewers thought this was a big enough budget.

"How on earth can £728 sort presents and food ! Wow," questioned one user.

A second agreed, writing: "that will probablies just cover the food shop and utilities to cover cooking xmas dinner this year then [sic]."

And a third added: "How can £700 not be enough for Christmas?! Why do kids need hundreds of pounds spent on them nowadays."

But, one user felt that people were 'missing the point', saying: "The point of this video is if 758 doesn’t cover “your” Christmas then simply put more away this works for her!"

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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