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Influencer looking for assistant to travel the world with him and get paid

Influencer looking for assistant to travel the world with him and get paid

He spends his time jetting off to stunning locations and now, he's looking for someone to join him

A millionaire influencer is looking for a personal assistant to travel the world with him - and is welcoming applications from people with zero experience in the role. Be right back, just dusting off my CV.

Matthew Lepre, an online business entrepreneur from Australia, spends his time jetting off to stunning locations across the globe - and now he’s looking for someone to accompany him.

Matthew, who founded the Ecom Warrior Academy, put out an open-call for anyone who fancies being hired as his new personal assistant - so if you’re thinking of a career change this might be your sign.

Since launching his business, Matthew says he now travels 'non-stop' to over 30 countries in the past five years meeting with 'key clients' and 'helping them grow their business'.

And as a result of him scaling his business with the help of artificial intelligence he's now looking for 'a right-hand person' to help support him on his travels.

In an interview with LADbible, he said: "I am now looking to recruit another hard-working employee to help me within my business.

Millionaire influencer Matthew Lepre is looking for a PA to travel the world with him.
Matthew Lepre

"I’m looking for a right-hand person to be able to help me on my travels and admin tasks."

Matthew is casting his net on the hunt for his new PA, explaining that they don’t need prior experience in a similar role, but must hold a valid passport, love to travel, be meticulous and hard working and is happy to hop on a plane at the drop of a hat.

As well as plenty of travel, the role comes with a salary of £30,500 as well as health benefits too.

In a post on his Instagram page, Matthew wrote: “Announcement. I’m officially hiring a new personal assistant to travel the world with me.

The role is open to anyone with a valid passport.
Matthew Lepre

“Tag someone who you think would be great for the role. If you tag a friend or share on your story you will increase your chances of landing the role for yourself too. The more tags = more chances of landing the role.

“P.S. All expenses, accommodation and travel paid for, you get a salary, and get to drive my Supercars.”

In a statement about the job offer, he explained: “I'm about giving back. I decided if I can show others how they can break the daily grind of working to live, and give them the life and flexibility that they have dreamed of, it's all been worthwhile.”

You can apply for the role via the Ecom Warrior Academy website.

Featured Image Credit: Matthew Lepre

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