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10-year-old turns dad's £210k Mercedes into Barbiemobile

10-year-old turns dad's £210k Mercedes into Barbiemobile

The dad was initially shocked to see his car's colourful makeover but has since come round to the idea

A 10-year-old gave her businessman dad’s £210k Mercedes a Barbie-style makeover - and it looks pretty bloody awesome.

Adam Abraham was away on holiday when his daughter Moo and her mum Emily decided to give his brand new Mercedes-Benz G-Class a colourful makeover.

After hitting upon the idea of jazzing up her dad’s new motor, Emily contacted car wrapping specialists Yiannimizem, who was happy to take on the job.

This meant that Moo only had to worry about what colour to opt for and, unable to decide on just one, she ended up choosing something that matched Emily’s iridescent nails at the time.

Moo said: “My Dad really loves his car, but Mum and I thought it would be fun to make it a bit more girly, like a real life Barbie car! I really love it but I was a bit scared my Dad might not want to drive it anymore when I first saw it, but I know he secretly thinks it’s even better now!”

The 10-year-old gave her dad's car a colourful makeover.
Love Luxury

I mean, I have to agree with Moo here - it does look much better.

Dad Adam, who founded the pre-loved design store Love Luxury, admitted that he was initially ‘gobsmacked’ when he saw what his partner and daughter had done to his fancy car but he’s since come ‘round to the unusual colour change.

“I have to admit at first I wasn’t exactly impressed,” he said. “Seeing how much Moo and Emily love the car has brought me around to it though, and it’s great to see people’s reactions when I’m driving to work, I don’t think people expect to see a man in a suit driving what looks like a unicorn on wheels!”

Dad Adam admits he was bit shocked but he's grown to love his car's new look.
Love Luxury

Adam says the eye-catching vehicle has already caused a bit of a stir with petrol-heads and says he’s even been approached while out and about by people who are keen to take a closer look at the fabulously colourful motor.

Adam added: "The word has quickly spread amongst the community about the G-Wagon’s makeover! I told a few car spotters the address of the store where it’s usually parked, since then we’ve had an influx in visitors, but rather than buying bags they want to snap pictures of the car! Turns out it’s been a great marketing tool, although it does make me a little nervous about what Moo is going to want to turn into a unicorn next.”

Featured Image Credit: Love Luxury

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