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Maid of Honour raps her toast to Fresh Prince of Bel Air in 'best wedding gift ever'

Maid of Honour raps her toast to Fresh Prince of Bel Air in 'best wedding gift ever'

That's one unforgettable speech!

One maid of honour has just blown every other wedding speech out of the water after rapping her toast to the tune of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

When bridesmaid Mary was asked to give a speech for her sister's wedding she pulled out all the stops, and immediately got the crowd going when she opened with: "Now, this is a story all about how my sister got hitched and is married now..."

Check it out here:

Mary quickly manages to get through her a few childhood memories with her sister, and tell a quick story about how she met her husband, all in the space of a few verses.

Pretty impressive, wouldn't you say?

Firstly, Mary tells the wedding party that 'the horse barn is where [her sister] spent most of her days', where she was 'chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool', and 'training little ponies before she went to school.'

Sounds so spot-on, you can almost hear Will Smith rapping it.

Mary also spills that when her sister first met her husband-to-be, she thought 'yo this ain't bad', but when she found out he was home-schooled, she thought 'it might not last'.

The maid of honour also confessed that she was thrilled when she got to meet her brother-in-law, since she had a habit of dating 'douchebags' in the past - she said it in a very catchy manner, though, so it's all good.

She assured the crowd: "It don't matter, though, since we're all here, let's raise some noise for the couple of the year."


Wrapping up her sister's love story - in the form of rap, of course - Mary shared: "She slid into his DMs and said, 'listen here, I could've backed the truck up if you'd just look in the mirror, but will you be my date to this wedding over there?' And he thought, 'yeah, why not?' You could be the perfect pair."

And, to tie things all together nicely with a toast, she concluded: "Now we're at the wedding but we haven't yet ate, and I yell to the couple, 'yo homies, we made it'.

"Look at our family, yeah we're finally here, let's raise a glass for the couple of the year," followed by that oh-so familiar Fresh Prince tune.

People were blown away by Mary's rap-speech, raving about her unexpected skills in the comments.

"That's the best bridesmaid speech ever," wrote one viewer.

"Yo, that was beautiful, I said I wasn't gonna cry," commented a second.

"She sounds better than 99% of your favourite rappers on the radio today. Well done," raved a third.

And a fourth described it as the 'best wedding speech ever.'

In fact, Mary's speech was so iconic that she has set the bar for all future maids of honour.

One viewer even went as far as to say: "If my sister doesn't do this at my wedding, I don't want her there."

No pressure, guys!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@video_guy_

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