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Fitness Instructor Trolled For Lifting 315lbs Weights While Pregnant

Fitness Instructor Trolled For Lifting 315lbs Weights While Pregnant

The fitness trainer regularly lifted 225lbs weights while heavily pregnant.

An expectant mum was bombarded by trolls for choosing to work out throughout her pregnancy.

Fitness trainer Yanyah Milutinović, from New York, had a gruelling work out regime, which included lifting weights as heavy as 270lbs, throughout her pregnancy.

You can watch the video below.

The 34-year-old, who lives with her police officer husband Risel Martinez, 31, three-year-old daughter, Smiljana and three-week-old son, Vuk, regularly shares fitness videos on her Instagram page, where she boasts over 325,000 followers.

But Yanyah found herself being harassed and bullied by trolls for her decision to keep working out despite her condition.


Yanyah lifted weights throughout her pregnancy (
Jam Press)

“I got more than 200 terrible comments in my last three to four weeks of pregnancy and people were writing all these vile and disgusting remarks,” she said.

“But they have now all been quiet except one person who told me that I need to get in shape now and she tried to bodyshame my postpartum body.”

The criticism came when Yanyah was around seven months pregnant, and chose to lift 315lbs, with critics telling her she was doing harm to her child.


Yanyah's work outs were compared to abortions in vile trolling comments (
Jam Press)

But Yanyah refused to be brought down by trolls, explaining she’s hoping her posts can help empower women to continue weight training when they’re pregnant if they so choose to.

I hope that I empower women who are pregnant and weight train, or give knowledge to those who plan to be pregnant and want to weight train one day,” she explained.

“I hope that I change the views on those who were willing to learn something new and operate only on miseducation or ignorance.  

She now hopes to empower pregnant women (
Jam Press)

“I hope that if my daughter chooses to become a mother she doesn’t have to deal with discrimination while pregnant.  

“Because I believe that even though this has to do with weightlifting now, I hope I can change views on how pregnant women are perceived overall.”

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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