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Woman Asks Whether She's Being Unreasonable After Her Former BFF And Husband Become 'Best Friends'

Woman Asks Whether She's Being Unreasonable After Her Former BFF And Husband Become 'Best Friends'

How would you feel?

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A woman has asked Reddit users for advice after admitting she feels uncomfortable about her husband's new friendship - with her former best mate.

Taking to the forum, she explained the pair had been "going to fancy restaurants" and taking photographs, which left her uneasy.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained she had been left feeling uncomfortable at the situation (

"My former best friend and my husband became best friends. I'm fine with that, I was the one who pushed them to be friends as they had a lot in common," she wrote.

"[Three] years ago, [she] and I fell out. The reason isn't important I think, but if you must know, [she] wasn't being supportive of me during a turbulent time in my life and I lashed out at her for taking me for granted. I told her hurtful things which IMO she deserved at the time given how much I've been there for her.

"We didn't speak for a couple of months but would speak to each other through my husband. When we eventually rekindled some sort of friendship, but it was never really as close as it was before.

She explained her husband and friend went out to a fancy restaurant together (

"However, apparently, that led to her and my husband becoming almost best friends. They're constantly texting, exchanging memes that I don't get. I'm still often part of the conversation, but it's become more of, we speak to each other through my husband-situation.

"So Saturday night, my husband and her went to a popular sushi restaurant that has been closed for almost a year. I hate sushi (sorry, it's not the taste but texture). While she and my husband have hung out alone a few times, it's never been somewhere so fancy.

"Now restaurants here are ordered to closed at 10PM. But they left at 1am, saying they were talking outside and then in the car. Fine, I trust them and I don't think they're attracted to each other.

"However, today she posts a selfie of them together at the restaurant with a caption that made me a bit furious. The pic firstly has two of them looking gorgeous. Like they legit look like two top celebrity models together, I don't think my husband and I have a selfie that looks so nice. Fine, whatever, not the reason I'm pi**ed.

"Her caption was, 'Thanks for taking me out! Best Sushi Nite Ever!' 'Taking her out', doesn't that imply date? Why is she trying to insinuate they're dating?"

The woman explained they had taken a selfie together (

The woman went on to ask Reddit for advice, explaining she didn't know what to do.

And other users had some very strong opinions, with one person commenting: "Talk to your husband. Tell him how you feel. Do not talk to her, she is not the problem.

"The selfie isn't the issue, the late night dining and chatting is the issue. Your husband is out at 1am and 2am with another woman. That's uncomfortable for sure."

Another said: "Stop reiterating that you trust them. You don't. Own up to it and talk to your partner about your concerns. None of this behavior is even remotely acceptable on either of their parts.

"Your partner should have your back in terms of friendships (and buddying up with someone who hurt you and failed you in the past is not appropriate) and she is blatantly crossing boundaries.

"Follow your instinct. Where there's smoke, there's fire."

The woman later commented explaining she had decided to chat to her husband and air how she was feeling. How would you feel?!

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