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A Rare Blue Moon Will Be Visible In The Sky Tonight

A Rare Blue Moon Will Be Visible In The Sky Tonight

Just in time for the spooky season.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Take a look up to the sky tonight, because there's going to be a rare blue moon just in time for Halloween.

Yep, while you might have plans to go trick-or-treating or simply to eat your way through alllll the candy, you should instead be grabbing the binoculars, because we're getting a 13th full moon this year.

Typically, each month we get one full moon and one new moon, but this month we're lucky enough to get two full moons, with the second being known as a blue moon.

That's because the first full moon was so early this month, falling on October 1st.

The blue moon is the 13th of the month (

A lunar month's duration is usually 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 38 seconds, so, the blue moon only comes along if we manage to pass this before the month is out.

This blue moon certainly isn't one to miss, because they only happen every two to three years on average.

The last blue moon took place at the start of 2018, and we won't see the next until August 2023.

To make things all the spookier, we haven't seen a blue moon occur on Halloween since 2001, and the last one before that was in 1955.

Plus, this is the first time a blue moon will have taken place on Halloween in all time zones since - wait for it - 1944, and we won't see another Halloween blue moon until 2039.

While the moon isn't actually blue (sorry folks) the phenomenon - also known as The Hunter's Moon - is still definitely worth looking out for.

Wherever you are on earth, this moon should be visible on Halloween as long as the sky is clear.

The blue moon last occurred in 2018 (

You can check it out in the east around sunset (16:35 GMT on Saturday) or in the west around sunrise (06:54 GMT on Sunday).

And we can expect the moon to be a micro-moon - the smallest this year - due to how far away it is from us (252,380 miles in total).

Speaking to Tyla, astrologer Lisa Stardust said: "The first Blue Moon in nearly two years occurs on Halloween.

"This is a lunar event that happens rarely so often. And, being that it's happening on October 31st means that we can count on having an extra spooky Halloween and Samhain."

She elaborated: "This luminary occurs in Taurus, a sign known for its lovely, kind, sensual, and stubborn demeanour.

Time to grab your binoculars (

"'Great Awakener' Uranus, who's retrograde in Taurus, aligns with the Moon, will add a changeable, electric, and unique vibe to the overall energy of the day.

"We will feel a shift in relationships (as the planetary ruler of Taurus is in Venus), however, it won't be a bad change."

Offering some advice on how to cope with the full moon, Lisa added: "We are now pushing conventions and norms in how we express our feelings and how we feel about partnerships. It's a time to embrace our inner freaks and kinks without fear of being judged by others.

"If we let others know about our desires and passions, they will come to a greater understanding and acceptance of us.

"Don't be shy and run away from having intimate discussions on such matters - it may prove to be eye opening and bring you closer together."

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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