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Woman divides opinion after revealing she washes her Christmas tree

Woman divides opinion after revealing she washes her Christmas tree

The Facebook mum washes her artificial tree in the bath

The season of peculiar traditions is upon us, and one woman has sparked a controversial online debate after revealing something she and her family do every year to prepare for Christmas.

Amid the debate about when exactly it's appropriate to put your Christmas tree up, some families argue that you should be unboxing it as soon as possible to enjoy maximum festive fun.

(And for the record, the 'traditional' moment you should be sticking up your free is the beginning of Advent - the fourth Sunday before Christmas.)

One woman, however, has revealed something else she does every year which she believes makes her gorgeous-looking tree last considerably longer.

With the world seeing an increase in artificial trees, she has well and truly divided the internet after revealing she WASHES her Christmas tree.

Think about it, the tree stays up for about a month gathering dirt, dust, and whatever else might be thrown at it over the December weeks, then it goes into a box for the rest of the year and doesn't get cleaned.

Do you wash your Christmas tree before each use?
Facebook/Mums Who Clean

After a few years of this, your family favourite tree might secretly be getting quite dirty and you probably wouldn't even notice, but that doesn't mean the dirt wouldn't be there.

After posting her solution to Facebook, the woman left people really split over this as some reckon it's a stroke of genius and wondered why they never thought of it, while others think giving your Christmas tree a bath is a bit weird.

In the pro-washing Christmas tree camp, people were saying it was 'a great idea' and 'seems so obvious' to be a thing you should do.

Others who were already on this bandwagon explained that the sheer amount of dust they wash off every year 'never ceases to surprise', making it a worthwhile effort.

The admission has caused a stir.
ehrlif / Alamy Stock Photo

The woman explained that she 'went from a pet to pet free home' so thought it was a good idea to wash the tree, and more joined in to agree that having pets made washing the tree a clever move.

A few people said their dogs had taken to peeing on the Christmas tree, making washing it the obvious course of action.

However, others weren't convinced by this trick, saying there was 'no way' they'd ever be giving their tree a wash.

One person said they didn't want 'another thing I must clean', while someone else reckoned they were 'definitely not going to worry' about washing the tree.

A third chimed in to say they daren't risk washing their tree as it would probably 'fall to pieces'.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / Mums Who Clean

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