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Woman genius hack to stop window condensation when it's chilly outside

Woman genius hack to stop window condensation when it's chilly outside

While window condensation can be a massive pain, a woman on TikTok has found an easy way to deal with it.

It’s that time of year when condensation starts to build up on our windows when it’s chilly outside.

We all know how difficult it is to stop windows from getting moisture on the inside when the temperature drops as we head into the colder months.

While dehumidifiers and window vacs are often used by people to get rid of condensation, but they may not be the best choice for people who may not be in a position to make such a big purchase.

Behold, the TikTok hack that is not only super easy to do but shouldn’t break the bank either.

You only need two items that you’ll probably have in your kitchen already.

TikToker Lynsey, who posts on the social media platform under the username @lynsey_queenofclean captioned her viral post: “You’ll never believe it, but this old school tip is amazing to stop window condensation!

“My mum told me about this last week I shared in me about this last week I shared in my stories. The following day they literally blow up with loads of amazing results.”

Condensation can be a problem as temperatures drop.

Lynsey shows viewers exactly how to prevent condensation using only a cloth and washing up liquid.

In the caption she writes: “To prevent condensation on your windows this time of year just simply rub a tiny drop of neat washing up liquid using a dry cloth all over the effect windows (using more here for the video than I need just so you can see) and this will stop the condensation leaving you with dry windows in the morning.”

In the clip, Lynsey uses quite a lot of washing up liquid, not just a drop as she states, but it works like a charm.

“A few people asked me where the water goes but I don’t know the answer to that but what I do [know] is it works so give it a go.”

Window condensation can easily build up in the winter months, and if you're not careful it can often lead to damp and mouldy conditions.

The TikToker revealed how to get rid of condensation on your windows.

It's especially common in bedrooms, and many of us notice it first thing in the morning when opening our curtains and blinds.

To combat the problem of condensation this winter, one solution might be to either open your window just a little, or purchase a dehumidifier - which removes excess moisture from the air within your home.

With winter - and soaring energy bills - it might be best to invest in a dehumidifier if you can, rather than lose valuable heat through opening windows.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels / TikTok/@lynsey_queenofclean

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