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Woman shares easy £3 hack for 'perfect' Christmas garland

Woman shares easy £3 hack for 'perfect' Christmas garland

Her garlands look far more expensive!

Christmas is a truly wonderful time of year.

The problem is - it can be rather expensive, too.

From gifts to food to travel, the price of having a fabulous Christmas just seems to grow and grow.

And another area of big potential Christmas expenditure?

Your decorations, of course.

But this year, one TikToker has shared a viral hack to create an incredibly opulent Christmas garland - and, the best part is, it costs just £3 to recreate yourself!

Now, Christmas decor can be a bit of a contentious issue online.

One huge question regards when exactly is the right time to Christmas-ify your home.

People also love sharing their favorite holiday decorating hacks.

Remember when everyone was decorating pineapples instead of trees?

And one mum went viral last year for showing off how she decorates her entire Christmas tree in just two minutes ...

But the Christmas hack to take TikTok by storm this week might just be our favorite yet.

The hack creates expensive looking Christmas garlands.

For the hack, you simply install a tension rod in your doorway.

Push the rod up to the top, then drape in tree branches, lights, and baubles.

The effect is absolutely gorgeous and looks far greater than the sum of its parts.

People are absolutely loving the hack, with one commenter writing: "gorgeous, I'm gonna try this in next day or two."

Another agreed: "Looks incredible."

The finished result is absolutely breathtaking.

Others had some pertinent questions about the method.

One asked: "love love love this! It’s so beautiful! Just wondering if it’s ideal for front door? Don’t want to use chicken wire etc! Thanks!"

The OP replied: "Thanks, yes you can absolutely use it for front door too!"

Others had a more serious concern - about the height of their doorways once the garland was installed!

One joked: "Lovely idea. I think we're definitely too tall in our family!"

The OP laughed: "Haha yes it’s been Nick named the chrimbo limbo in our house!"

And although the hack is cost-effective, one user believed the popularity of this TikTok video could be to its detriment.

They pointed out: "I've noticed the price of these poles have increased recently I wonder why!"

But for one other viewer, the TikTok represented a happy coincidence.

They added: "I got a pack of tension rods by mistake from Amazon once. Now I have a use for them!"

Will you be trying this hack out?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@casalawson

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