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66-year-old grandmother reveals how she's 'reversed ageing' to look decades younger

66-year-old grandmother reveals how she's 'reversed ageing' to look decades younger

Julia Olson transformed her fitness and beauty regimes after being diagnosed with diabetes, kidney failure and heart problems

With a plethora of TikTok make-up trends, leading plastic surgeons, healthcare experts, cosmetic brands and skincare gurus out there at the moment - each claiming to hold the secret to eternal, ageless beauty - it can be difficult to distinguish the fact from the fiction.

That said, one grandmother in the US has this week blown her followers away by appearing with her transformation.

Julia Olson revealed she had previously been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes as well as kidney failure, and heart disease which triggered even further long-term health concerns.

As a result, the now social media star lost all confidence and was unable to recall the last time she felt her best self.

Refusing to let the consequences of her multiple health conditions take over her life, however, Julia underwent an ENTIRE lifestyle change, embarking on a remarkable fitness journey and adopting a highly nutritious diet.

In the years that followed, Julia documented her journey online and quickly began to accumulate hundreds of thousands of followers.

Opening up about the lifestyle metamorphosis, which she claims not only amended her ailing health, but also caused her to lose weight and get fitter, she revealed that she feels and looks better than she did aged 20.

Julia's followers can't believe she's 66.

"WORK ON MINDSET FIRST," she said in a recent Instagram upload, showing off her muscular arms, ripped torso and impressively toned legs. "A weight lifting lifestyle & high-quality nutrition will heal your body."

Sharing a 'before and after' snap online, she recalled being insecure over her prior 'moon face' and 'bloated belly'.

Julia went on to profess: "A reminder that you can age backwards. This represents almost 5 years of dedication to my health from age 62 to 66 (67 in March.)"

She continued: "This is when it gets goooood. The 60s are MY POWER DECADE. I beat the Angel of Death twice."

As well as implementing healthier eating and exercise into her lifestyle, Julia also underwent a dreaded 12-hour 'touch and go' surgery, but which gave her a brand new, fully-functioning kidney and pancreas.

Then, at the age of 64, she entered a bodybuilding contest on a whim, absolutely knocking out the competition and earning the title of a 'queenager'.

Julia regularly shares fitness tips and tricks online.

Since sharing her health and fitness journey on social media, as mentioned, Julia has amassed a huge following of admirers.

She continues to go to the gym five days a week, now adds extra protein and complex carbs to every single meal.

On her most recent comparison snap, one penned in the comments: "Amazing information, thanks for making it so straightforward. You are amazing"

"Julia it is such a miracle that through all that you have had to go through you will able to achieve what you have. Thank you very much for being so transparent!," another gushed.

"This is a wonderful turn for you between the present and the past and this is because of your powerful will," wrote a third.

Another continued: "You are a living testament to what's possible with dedication and self-care."

Go, Julia!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@dolphinine

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