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Woman shares simple trick for packing away Christmas trees

Woman shares simple trick for packing away Christmas trees

This makes taking down the decs slightly less painful.

Most of us look forward to putting the Christmas tree up every year.

Chucking on a Christmas film, getting a mulled wine on the go and rummaging through boxes of decorations never fails to get us in the festive mood.

But unfortunately, the same cannot always be said for taking them down again.

It's often a laborious job, filled with pine needles everywhere, stray sheddings of tinsel, and the need to spend around two hours hoovering once everything is packed away.

Don't even get us started on lugging the boxes back up into the loft afterwards.

Taking the Christmas decorations down can be a difficult job.

So we're always here for simple ways of making this process a little easier.

Whether it's a cleaning hack, an organisational tip or just a way of making the tidy up less strenuous, it's always useful to hear how others handle the post-Christmas clear up.

One woman on Facebook has shared her festive tips and we'll definitely be trying this one.

In the Cleaning Tips and Tricks group, she revealed a simple technique to packing away her artificial Christmas tree.

Not only does it simplify taking the tree down, but it also helps make the assembling much more straightforward, too.

People have been loving the tip.
Jemma Watson/Facebook

In the post, she explained how she had used cling film to wrap the branches together, which also made some extra room in the box for lights.

"Christmas tree packed down with enough room in the box for the lights as well... I cling filmed all the matching branches together for easy assembly next time," she wrote.

Others were impressed with the tip, with one commenting: "It’s great idea I cling filmed mine, went in the box so easy."

While another said: "That's how I did it too lol. Not as neat as yours though."

And a third added: "What a great idea!! I wish I had thought of that."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "I did this, so much room I actually closed the box for first time."

One woman shared a tip for packing away the decs.

Others shared their own useful tips, with one person suggesting using a pair of leggings.

"I've used my old leggings only because I didn't have enough cling film," they wrote.

While another explained she uses a duvet to store her decs.

"Now my kids have grown up and left home, I just throw a king size duvet cover over mine, still fully decorated and keep it in a spare room until Christmas comes around again, saves me effing and jeffing over tangled lights," she said.

Now that's our kind of tidying up hack.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/Facebook/Jemma Watson

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