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People Are Branding This Dog's Name 'Insensitive'

People Are Branding This Dog's Name 'Insensitive'

Would you choose this name for your pup?

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

A woman has revealed how her dog's unusual name has been causing offence in her local area, after a couple heard her calling the pup's name on the beach.

Taking to Reddit to ask for advice, the woman explained how she and her partner came up with the peculiar moniker, which was inspired by their time in lockdown over the last couple of years.

A woman has revealed her how dog's unusual name has been causing offence in her local area (

"We found a stray puppy during the start of our lockdown. It started by feeding him scraps in the back garden where we were spending so much of our time," she wrote on the forum.

"Now he's moved in and is probably going to stay unless someone comes forward to claim him. We put a notice up in some village shops about him.

"We called him Covid because that's why we found him - spending all our time at home. We have now started taking him out for walks - which he loves. But yesterday a couple heard us calling his name while playing by the beach.

"They came over and told us that it's insensitive as they lost an uncle to the virus. They said how would we feel if they called their pet cancer or death?"

The couple revealed they found a stray puppy at the start of lockdown (

The woman went on to ask Redditors for their opinion on whether they thought the name was offensive.

"Would you name a dog Ebola, AIDS or cancer?" One person asked. A second added: "I mean it's a stupid name for a dog, but it's a dog. Maybe if it were a child, then it would be pretty bad.

"Despite your story, I still have no clue why you would name a pet after a virus that has killed thousands of people.

"Just give the dog a normal name so you don't have to worry about shouting Covid for the next 10 to 15 years or whatever."

Some people agreed the name is rather offensive (

Hmmm, what do you think?

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