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You Can Now Buy Jumpsuit Pyjamas For Your Dog

You Can Now Buy Jumpsuit Pyjamas For Your Dog

Aren't they adorable!

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

People who are lucky enough to own a small dog can now treat their beloved pooches to a fresh new set of bedtime attire thanks to the online pet store Dachshund Everywhere.

The store takes its name from the dachshund breed, with their oversized ears, stumpy little legs and cute waddles, it's no wonder the Dachshund is one of the most instantly recognisable dog breeds.

Dachshund Everywhere are selling pyjamas for small dogs and they look adorable (
Dachshund Everywhere)

There is a huge range of pyjamas on offer including a fish print, a cute heart print and a fruity strawberry print. All prints cost $19.95 (£14.40) and the store ships worldwide for free.

All the prints a have a super vibrant colour and according to the product description on the website, the prints will not be worn out or disappear after repeated washing.

The collars and the cuffs have elastic and when the sleeves are rolled up this can help prevent the coat from shedding when the dogs run.

The pyjamas are suitable for all small dog breeds and come in sizes XS to XL. You can check the store's size chart here.

Dog owners will be pleased to know that the pyjamas have had rave reviews from customers, with lots of people noting that they fit true to size and look adorable on their fur babies.

The pyjamas come in three different prints (
Dachshund Everywhere)

One customer wrote: "It looks super cute on my dog and she loves it too."

While a second person shared: "It is exactly as described and fits my dog perfectly."

If you're as obsessed with Dachshunds as much as we are, you'll be pleased to know that B&M launched a sausage dog homeware range earlier this year and it looks superb.

Customers can opt for a sausage dog wipe clean printed tablecloth to make breakfast, lunch or dinner even more special.

All three prints are very vibrant and should not fade after repeated washings (
Dachshund Everywhere)

The £6 tablecloth protects your table surface, is ideal for tables that accommodate up to eight people and its wipe clean properties make it really easy to clean after meals.

The British retailer is also selling a sausage dog mug for £2. It comes printed with the cute sausage dog design and the 'hello sausage' logo inside the mug.

This looks absolutely pawfect!

Featured Image Credit: Dachshund Everywhere

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