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Lapland worker shares how you get a job there for Christmas

Lapland worker shares how you get a job there for Christmas

A TikTok user working in Lapland has shared how she managed to bag the ultimate Christmas job

A woman who works as a ranger in Lapland over the Christmas period - hanging out with Santa and his elves at the workshop - has explained how she managed to bag that particular deal. You can find out for yourself ahead of next year’s applications in the video below.

Lapland is an area of Finland at the very north of the country that is known for being remarkably beautiful, attracting visitors for not just Father Christmas but also those who wish to see the Northern Lights in a picturesque winter wonderland.

Obviously, it’s quite a remote area and there aren’t that many folks who live up there, so people can apply to work there over the busy season as everyone flocks to see Santa in the snow.

One such Lapland ranger is Lucy, who shared how she managed to get the job on her TikTok account.

Lucy explained that she simply went onto a website called Work a Season and found herself singing and frolicking in the snow alongside the huskies and reindeer, as well as the main man himself.

Lucy explained how she got the job.

When she’s not working, there’s time for skiing and sledging, as well as checking out the aforementioned aurora borealis.

Explaining the process, Lucy said: "Here is how I got a job working in Lapland over Christmas.

"I heard about this job via a girl on a travel Facebook group, so I messaged her and I was asking more about it and she was telling me about the roles and what I should go for.

"I applied to be a Santa's Lapland ranger, and about a month after I applied I got invited to group interview online and I did that.

"I also had to send a creative submission video on why I'd be good at the role.”

Then, after submitting on Work a Season, she discovered that her application had been a success.

Of her work, she added: “Now I’m here and it’s insane.”

As you can probably imagine, there are no vacancies for this year because it’s getting pretty close to the day, but applications usually happen in around June, but next year there’ll be a chance.

So, what are the credentials?

Lucy explained: "To get a job in Lapland you really don't need any qualifications, but what you do need is to love Christmas, like working with children, and be a positive and upbeat person."

She explained how to apply for the position.

Apparently, younger people have a better chance, as do people who have been involved with things like Brownies or Scouts, or those who have summer camp work experience.

She said: "They're the ones that usually get a job because they have experience and they know things like different songs and games."

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply if you weren’t one of those though, because Lucy reckons that a ‘go for it attitude is all you need'.

It goes without saying that you’ll also have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so you’d have to factor that in as well.

Still – sounds fun though, right?

Featured Image Credit: _footluce/TikTok

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