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Dad left furious after family is forced to split up on flight to accommodate obese man

Dad left furious after family is forced to split up on flight to accommodate obese man

The dad's behaviour has been labelled as 'fat shaming' by Reddit users

A dad-of-three has gone on a furious Instagram rant after his family was allegedly forced to split up on a flight to accommodate an obese man - but Reddit users have claimed his behaviour is body shaming.

John James - the brother of Jessie James, founder of Srong+Sexy Fit supplements - went off in his Instagram Stories complaining about the situation on a flight.

During a return flight from the Bahamas, he booked the entire four seats of the second row in first class with one child on a seat and the other two 'on laps'.

However, they 'were completely split up between rows 1 and 3'.

He then detailed sitting on the first row next to a 'gentleman who is anxiously peeling back the wrapper of his Double XL king size chocolate bar'.

He asks: "Why did they split us when we strategically and specifically bought the entire second row?

"Because the gentleman peeling back that chocolate bar was 500+ pounds and needs more space only available in the first row."

John James took to Instagram to rant about his family being separated on their flight to accommodate an obese man.

He continued: "Can we not agree thought that it's BS that we pay that much for flights only to get split up because chocolate man compulsively eats and does not exercise and nowhere between 175-500 pounds has he gone hmmm maybe I should do something about this?"

James then rejected completely that it could be a medical condition, calling it 'co-signing' on obesity.

"The man literally sits down and the first thing he does is rip open a Willy Wonka," he added, calling his food choice a 'conclusive piece of the puzzle'.

He continued: "I genuinely don't give a s**t what others do with their bodies honestly until it affects me directly... I'm not 'bullying' him, I actually genuinely pity him.

"Addiction to food is an addiction like anything else and those people need help."

James went on: "I know this is going to hurt some feelings but you can either get upset or get motivated and get moving. Obesity is not healthy."

James claims his wife was also upset by the situation.

He then said he hopes everyone 'enjoys listening to our kids whining because they are split up and not sitting next to mommy and daddy.

"And more importantly... I hope that guy enjoys his chocolate bar."

James went on to clarify further that it is not his intention to 'hurt your feelings' and he says he 'genuinely wants y'all to feel strong, sexy and fit,' but telling people that they can do whatever they want is doing them a disservice.

"Sometimes you need to hear a painful truth to grow.

"Growth does not happen in your comfort zone, so if my words made you uncomfortable then maybe it's time to do some growing."

He even did a poll in his Stories suggesting that the '1%' of people who disagree are themselves obese.

"Sometimes you NEED to hear a painful truth to grow."

Well, Reddit users were outraged with one user commenting: "It’s not the man’s fault the airline gave him those seats.

"Shaming him is not necessary and so fing gross. I hate when people fat shame under the guise of wanting to motivate people to be healthier.

"Yea right. John here was mad and wanted to make the guy feel like s**t."

While another said: "Anyways f**k this dude for saying there are no genuine medical reasons to be a large person. But also f**k people who need 'reasons' to justify another person's existence. Mind your business."

While a third couldn't understand his frustrations at all: "How is it the fault of the man that their family’s seats got split up?"

This comes just a week after his pregnant sister was forced to clean up her toddler's dropped popcorn on a flight.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@johnjames94

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