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Influencer left mortified after followers spot 'giant adult toy' behind her in new snap

Influencer left mortified after followers spot 'giant adult toy' behind her in new snap

She posted the snap without paying attention to what was in the background

An influencer was left mortified after her followers spotted a ‘sex toy’ in the background of one of her social media posts - but insists there is an innocent explanation.

Katie Griffiths, 23, had been filming content for her socials last month when she decided to share a ‘cute’ selfie of herself to her 20,000 followers.

In the shot, Katie can be seen posing in her bedroom in a red satin shirt, but an eagle-eyed pal spotted a long, red tube-shaped object in the background and got in touch to let her know that there was a ‘sex toy’ in the shot. Awkward.

However, get your minds out of the gutter - as the item in question is actually a £1 strawberry-flavoured sour candy spray she had bought to help her quit vaping.

Katie, from St Albans, said: "I had taken a picture in the mirror. It wasn't until 20 hours later that my friend messaged me saying 'nice dildo in the back'.

Katie shared the snap with her 20,000 followers.
Kennedy News and Media

"I didn't even clock it the first time round. I was just looking at myself and not anything else.

"It's really long, red and bumpy - it does look like a sex toy.

"It looks like something that would be on the shelf at Ann Summers. And it's probably for kids, which makes it even worse."

The Instagram Story with the faux pax in it was seen by more than 9,000 people, but Katie opted to it keep it online. Fair play.

In an attempt to clear up the situation, Katie made a TikTok video, but she doesn’t think everyone is convinced.

Katie said: "Everyone that was going to see it has already seen it - I'm just going to own it.

"A lot of people that follow me don't actually know me, and they might genuinely think it is a [sex toy] and they just haven't said anything.

Her pal pointed out the ‘sex toy’.
Kennedy News and Media

"I thought, if I make a TikTok about it people will know the truth.

"Everyone found it so funny. People have been commenting that it's hilarious.

"But someone said they didn't believe me, which is what I feared!

"You've got to laugh or you'll cry - that's my motto."

Katie bought the flavoured spray to help her curb a two-year-long vaping habit.

She said: "I went to my local shop and I was expecting to get a mini spray, but that was the only one I could find.

"Even when I saw it I thought it looked a bit weird for a sweet - a bit suggestive, but that's why I got it."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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