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Man shocks his wife by getting unflattering picture tattooed onto his body

Man shocks his wife by getting unflattering picture tattooed onto his body

Jarrod Grove decided to up his pranking game by getting a tattoo which caused his wife to burst into tears.

A tattoo dedicated to your partner can be a lovely, permanent declaration of love... but it could also be a savage prank.

One man decided to shock his wife by getting an unflattering picture of her permanently etched on his body.

Jarrod Grove, 28, is no stranger to body ink and one of his latest additions draws inspiration from his wife, Tegan, 30.

But the tattoo isn't a depiction of flattering selfie, instead, Jarrod decided to get a tattoo of Tegan pulling an unusual facial expression.

Jarrod Grove added a tattoo of his wife's funny facial expression to his collection.

The couple, from Queensland, Australia, love to play jokes on each other but Jarrod wanted to go one step further.

"She hates the face that she pulls but I love it and the fact that she hated the photo of her pulling this face so much, I just had to get it tattooed," he shared.

Jarrod said he loves the facial expression even though his wife hates it because it shows her 'personality'.

As you can likely imagine, Tegan had no idea her husband planned to get a tattoo of the expression she never expected would be caught on camera let alone on her husband's body forever.

"It showed her personality so raw and true her honest self. She’s the funniest person I know and this face makes me happy because it’s just her," he added.

Tegan didn't think her expression would be pictured let alone tattooed.

"She had no idea that I was getting it done, I could not wait to come home and see Tegan’s reaction.

"I knew it would go one of two ways, either we would laugh together or I’d never see this girl ever again. I guess I’m lucky she has a decent sense of humour.

"However, she cried a lot at first, then laughed a lot, and then cried again while googling laser companies.

"But in the end, she just threw her hands up and laughed it off."

The tattoo 'was painful' but Jarrod has no regrets.

Jarrod said his tattoo made his wife cry at first.

The sales worker continued: "The tattoo took eight hours to complete.

"It was painful but what hurt me worse was the absolute anguish in waiting to see if Tegan would have a laugh or have nothing to do with me ever again.

Naturally, some people have also wondered what would happen if they ever get divorced.

Jarrod praised his wife's sense of humour.

"Everyone has been very supportive of the tattoo. I've had some people asking what would happen if we got a divorce, and I guess I’d get laser. However, our relationship is so tight, that wouldn’t happen.

"We laugh all the time. She’s my soulmate and nothing will change as long as we are laughing."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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