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Woman Shares Clever Hack To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat

Woman Shares Clever Hack To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat

A woman gave her dog a special frozen treat to help cool them down in the heat.

A dog owner has shared the fun and tasty hack she uses to keep her dog cool during the scorching hot summer heatwave.

The TikTok user - who posts under the username @tedthenewfoundland - shared the video which includes a variety of things dog owners can do to ensure the heatwave is enjoyable for pooches too.

Watch the video below:

The TikTok user made her dog Ted a watermelon ice lolly which he nibbled on happily. She also showed her viewers Ted munching on frozen watermelon chunks and a frozen banana.

“I mean this dog is on some kinda inclusive holiday!!”, one TikToker user joked. 

TikTok commenters said Ted looks like he's on an all inclusive holiday (

While another user said: “My man lives better than me.”

However, several TikTok users raised concerns about Ted’s owner giving him frozen treats.

“Please don’t give your dogs ice lollies as it makes their body think that they are cold so they start to warm up more if that makes sense,” one user commented.

Another person said: “DONT FEED THEM ICE CUBES it heats up their body and when the ice feeling stops their body is heated so they will boil and possibly die.”

Some users criticised Ted's owner for giving him frozen treats (

Ted’s owner defended their decision in the comments. “Ask a vet! Iced melon and banana or even iced yoghurt and gravy is absolutely fine as long as given in moderation.”

Tyla spoke to British Veterinary Association vice president Daniella Dos Santos to find out more.

“It’s fine to give frozen treats to dogs in moderation to help keep them cool. Make sure you’re providing appropriate portion sizes alongside their usual food and that the frozen items are safe for dogs to eat.”

RSPCA pet welfare expert Alice Potter added: "You can get pet-friendly frozen treats or can even make your own at home; which can be a great way to keep your pooches cool during the heatwave. 

Dogs can eat frozen treats in moderation (

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing told Tyla: “Ice lollies are a great way to keep your pet cool and well hydrated. In a fit, well, relaxed dog, ice lollies, ice or frozen pet-safe veggies or toys are all fine to use to help them keep cool on a hot day. We don’t advise using ice cold water or ice if you have a pet that is suffering from heatstroke, as the extreme differences in temperature can ‘shock’ your pet. If you think your pet has heatstroke, help cool them down with water at room temperature.”

Bill Lambert, health and welfare expert at The Kennel Club, also gave his suggestions for keeping dogs cool: “During a heatwave, keeping dogs cool can help them feel more comfortable and reduces their risk of developing heatstroke.

"Our top tips to keep our four-legged friends cool on hot days include ensuring they always have access to drinking water and a shaded space to keep them cool, giving your dog a paddling pool to splash around in, adding ice cubes to their water bowls, freezing a dog toy and letting your dog chew on it, and putting down damp towels for them to lie on.”

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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