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Woman divides opinions after revealing how many times her friend washes her bra

Woman divides opinions after revealing how many times her friend washes her bra

A heated discussion broke out online

One woman has totally divided opinions after revealing just how many times her friend washes her bra.

Now, we all have differing routines when it comes to life admin and chores around the home but it's clear some people have wildly different cleaning habits to others and it's left the internet beyond stunned.

Desyr, who goes by the handle online, took to TikTok to share the controversial bra-washing confession.

Have a look:

Now, according to the experts, we need to be cautious about over-washing our bras as it can damage the elasticity of the bra which is pretty crucial for proper support - AKA the entire reason we wear bras in the first place.

One bra fitter, Kimmay, who goes by @hurraykimmay on TikTok, explained: "As a bra fitter since 2005, I do have some insight on this.

"If it's a sports bra or if it was a really sweaty day wash it right away. If it's a basic bra that you're wearing just normally then I usually suggest washing your bra every three or four wears."

Kimmay explained that one of the main reasons you should wash a bra was to 'get rid of all the dirt and grime that has collected on the elastic' as that mess can 'cause it to break down early'.

Desyr revealed her friend's shocking bra-washing confession.

Well, it's clear Desyr's friend hadn't got the memo as she began by explaining that her pal, who she did not name, once told the group chat that she washes her bra 'once a year'.

"I'm now just curious, like, how often does everyone wash their bras?" the TikToker asked viewers. "Like, I need to know what the kind of standard is amongst women everywhere."

She finished off the short clip asking people: "What's the average? What's the most common for bra washing duration? Because, apparently, we are not all the same."

People clearly couldn't wait to share their verdict on the matter, with many revealing they washed theirs every single day.

One TikTok user claimed: "Change ALL underwear everyday and wash. Oh my god what is wrong with people?!"

"I change my bra everyday," penned a second. "You change your underwear every day a bra is underwear. Imagine the boobie sweat. I only wear clothes once and wash."

Some wait up to a year whilst others swear they wash their bra on a daily basis.
deepblue4you / Getty Images

A third hit out: "Wear it once and wash it."

Others, however, waited a whole lot longer before washing theirs.

"About a month after it starts burning my eyes while I'm wearing it," joked one viewer. "I'm joking but the truth isn't incredibly far..."

A second quipped: "Whenever it ends up in wash - might be a week, might be a month, might be a year!"

"Every 1-2 months… when it looks or smells dirty," admitted another.

A fourth piped up: "When one finds its own way in the washing basket..."

"When it looks dirty? Or when i find another I like the same to wear," added a fifth while a sixth chimed in: "Until it changes colour?"

"Once a month," echoed a final TikTok user. "If you do it too much it looses its shape."

How often do you wash your bra?

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