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People Are Loving This 'Guppy Hold' Technique For Helping Tongue Tie Babies

People Are Loving This 'Guppy Hold' Technique For Helping Tongue Tie Babies

The viral clip was shared on TikTok.

TikTokers are loving this 'guppy hold' technique, after a video shared by a lactation consultant went viral online.

Danielle Gaus - also known as @theboobyfairy - took to the video sharing platform where she showed followers a video of a 'guppy hold' - which she described as a way of releasing tension in babies, "specifically after a tongue tie release" - also known as a frenotomy.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, Danielle explains: "After birth, babies often have a little bit of extra tension, the guppy hold is a wonderful way to release some extra tension, specifically after a tongue tie release."

And after seeing how relaxed the baby looks in the clip, other TikTokers have been commenting on the video, claiming they need a guppy hold, too.

One joked: "The baby just got here and it’s already got tension?? What about my tension that’s been going on for 22 years??"

While another said: "I wish someone would do this to me honestly."

And a third added: "I need this."

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Man, I need someone to do this to me!!"

Another tagged their partner and wrote: "Guppy hold me right now!!!!"

@theboobfairy shared a video of the 'guppy hold' (

It does look so relaxing.

In other TikTok news, we told you how one mum has captured the moment her baby bump 'dropped' - and the footage is incredible.

TikToker @nabby.nabs uploaded the video onto her profile, and followers can't believe the incredible clip, which revealed how the mum's bump appeared at 38 weeks and three days, as well as 48 hours after dropping.

One person wrote: "I dropped while standing in a Macy's. An older woman saw it happen and started crying because she thought it was beautiful. Scared me though lol."

One mum captured the moment her baby bump 'dropped' on camera (

While another said: "Ooohhh i remember that feeling!! Baby is coming soon... I wish you an easy labor with no pain at all.. MAY YOU SNEEZE THE BABY OUT!!"

You can read more and watch the video here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@theboobyfairy

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