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Woman mortified after innocent tattoo ends up looking extremely inappropriate

Woman mortified after innocent tattoo ends up looking extremely inappropriate

She shared what she intended the tattoo to be and the difference is hilarious

Getting a tattoo is a huge deal- after all, it’s literally a permanent commitment, a marriage between your skin and ink.

So, you can imagine why one woman was left close to tears when she was told that her ‘guardian angel’ back tattoo didn’t look like a guardian angel at all.

Watch her video below:

Bekah Milly - who was known as @bekah.milly on TikTok at the time but now posts as @chaoticbekah - showed off her body ink with the unintentionally funny caption: “When someone says your new tattoo looks like a girl eating a$s.”


She later clarified that her new inking was supposed to depict her innocently embracing her guardian angel, not chowing down on someone’s booty.

Unfortunately for Bekah, many have said it looks rather x-rated and as a result 'can't unsee' it.

While a quick glimpse at the tattoo may leave you feeling like you just saw a depiction of someone sitting on a woman’s face, the ‘butt cheeks’ are actually meant to be a shoulder and head of a guardian angel, with Bekah’s head snuggled in-between for a warm embrace.

The tattoo Bekah wanted.

In another video, Bekah shared the image she'd been inspired by, which some people reckon looks even more raunchy than her own body art.

"The tattoo I wanted... The tattoo I got," she said, sharing both images for others to compare the two.

One person replied to the video: "The reference looks like it too lol."

Someone else commented: "Yours actually [looks] less like 'it' than the reference... but still... it's easy to fix if you want to and if you don't then don't listen to the haters!"

What do you think Bekah's tattoo looks like.

Tattoos are are huge topic on TikTok and it's no surprise as to why. Not only do they (usually) look great, they also tend to have mind-blowing references or meanings behind them.

However woman was mortified to discover that her adorable tattoo of a little pineapple actually has a very cheeky hidden meaning.

Brittany Lewin, or @b_brittanylewin as she's known on TikTok, decided to get a tattoo of a pineapple inside a triangle on her forearm.

When a friend asked her if she knew the meaning of an upside down pineapple, Brittany naturally searched on Google for answers.

But nothing could have prepared her for what she found...

She learnt that her adorable pineapple tattoo - when seen upside down - is ‘a secret sign used by swingers to identify each other in public’.

Another Google result explained: "An upside-down pineapple means that a person is in search of a swinger party.”

Something tells us this isn't what she was going for.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@bekah.milly

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