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Glastonbury Festival punters shocked at how much drink prices are

Glastonbury Festival punters shocked at how much drink prices are

Prepare to spend a small fortune if you're heading to the festival this weekend...

Summer is officially upon us and that means festival season is here, but music lovers attending Glastonbury this weekend might need to prepare themselves for the price of the drinks.

There are a lot of great things about festivals - the good vibes, the live performances and the epic fashion choices are just a few that spring to mind.

But the events do also have their downsides, like the toilets, the mud, and the prices of basic items.

Given that you're in the field in the middle of Somerset, it's not as if Glastonbury-goers can just nip to the shops when it's time to crack open the cans.

Like it or not, you're reliant on the stalls available at the venue, and the sellers know it. As a result, they can rack up the prices, and the customers will still come flooding in.

It's an unfortunate truth of festival season, but that hasn't stopped people from expressing their shock at the pricey beverages on offer at the iconic British event this year.

A spirit and mixer could set you back £12.

A picture of a Glastonbury drinks menu was shared online after the festival started to get underway this week, with the board listing 50ml spirits and mixers for £12, a bottle of wine for £29 and pints starting at £6.

Now, if you're someone who frequents bars in London, these prices might not seem that staggering.

In fact, some Twitter users pointed out as much after the image was posted on the platform, with one person responding: "About the average pub price in London and cheaper than London gig venues."

But there's one important thing to remember here - these drinks aren't being passed to you in fancy, fruit-adorned glasses in a clean, swanky bar.

No, they're more likely to be handed out in plastic cups which are very likely to get jostled and spilled the second you enter an area with music - which, at a music festival, is pretty much everywhere.

Some drinkers couldn't get over the costs.

Drinkers have been left stunned at the prices, with one responding to the picture of the menu to write: "Robbing b*****ds... can't wait," while another responded: "F**k me those spirit prices."

Another shocked person responded: "Just shy of 7 quid for a San Miguel?!"

There's really no way to avoid the hefty prices if you're on the hunt for a drink, so if you're heading to Glastonbury this weekend, you might need to prepare to spend a small fortune.

On the bright side, at least you know there'll be some good music to listen to while you sip away your earnings.

Featured Image Credit: Yuri Arcurs / Alamy Stock Photo/ Twitter/ @mrcflknr

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