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Millennials ‘sobbing’ after seeing Gen Z explain cigarettes

Millennials ‘sobbing’ after seeing Gen Z explain cigarettes

Yet another difference has emerged between Gen Z and Millennials

Millennials have been left stressed out after watching Gen Z debate how to smoke a cigarette on TikTok, with one person admitting it was 'killing them' to read the comments.

Whether it's Boomers and their inability to use a smartphone without having an aneurysm, Millennials and their obsession with skinny jeans and side partings or Gen Z and their TikTok addiction - we're all aware of the generation gaps between ourselves and those who have come before and after.

However, the latest difference between Millennials and Gen Z has left the internet absolutely floored - myself included.

Now, while I'm someone who technically resides on the Gen Z side of the spectrum (born between 1997 to 2012) I sometimes feel excluded from the social media maestros who surround me.

However, I just about missed the category to be labelled, an albeit extremely young, Millennial who are born between 1981 to 1996.

A Zillennial, if you will.

But one thing I definitely know how to do post-Tumblr, Skins and all the other indie sleaze moments of pop culture is smoke a cigarette correctly.

Now, we already know all about the serious health risks connected to both smoking traditional cigarettes and vaping electronic ones but it seems the younger generation's obsession with bubblegum e-cigs has left them none the wiser on which side to light up and which side to smoke a cigarette from.

One person took to X sharing a screenshot of a frankly hilarious exchange in the comment section of one TikTok video.

The generational gap was in full force. (Getty stock photo)
The generational gap was in full force. (Getty stock photo)

They captioned the post writing: "Kids on TikTok are arguing over which part of a cig you’re meant to light."

The first comment declared: "The orange side is what u light btw."

"It's not," replied a second with a cry laughing emoji while a third hit out: "It is.."

A fourth disagreed: "No it's not..."

And the first dissenter explained: "It's not cuz the orange part have the foam thingy and that foam helps the herb (I forgot what it's called) in it don't go inside the mouth."

Deep breaths, guys.

Unsurprisingly, the post has gone viral after clocking up a massive 1.9 million views in just a matter of days with heaps of people rushing in to share their reaction to the generation chasm of knowledge.

One X user joked: "if they smoke the filters that's just natural selection."

A second penned: "This is killing me the foam and the herb hello."

"Tobacco? Never heard of it. I only smoke the ominous herb with the foam in it," quipped a third while a fourth echoed: "Not tobacco not weed but a mysterious third herb."

And a final X user added: "THE HERB AND THE FOAM I'M SOBBING."

Oh yeah, and just to clear up any confusion over the matter, please don't ever light your cig from the filter.

Better still, just don't start smoking at all - it's not good for ya.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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