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Woman leaves people shocked after sharing her 'irritating' McDonald's order

Woman leaves people shocked after sharing her 'irritating' McDonald's order

It caused quite the commotion online

Whether you're a Chicken McNugget fanatic or a Fillet-o-Fish kinda gal - we can all agree that there's nothing better than a proper good Maccies when you're in the mood for it.

Now, while we all may differ here and there on our McDonald's order, from sauce preference and McFlurry flavour to meal deal drink choices and breakfast go-to's, a lot of us can probably agree on wanting a bun to accompany our burger.

One woman shocked the internet with her Maccies burger order.
Nathan Stirk / Contributor / Getty Images

However, this was far from the case for one woman who has left people well and truly shocked after sharing her 'irritating' McDonald's order.

Kristy Hawk, who goes by the handle @kristysketolifestyle online, regularly takes to social media to create and share 'fun and delicious' keto recipes for her followers.

On Sunday (22 October), she shared with her followers exactly what she orders from Maccies as someone practicing a keto diet.

"I don’t get McDonald’s often but when I do, I order this to keep it low carb," Kristy began.

The order in question was a double quarter pounder with cheese with no mustard, no onions, no ketchup, regular mayo, light lettuce and pickles with the accompanying drink being a 'large water'.

Oh yeah - there was also no bun to be seen in the order.

"Also, I like to order it on their kiosk inside," she added. "It’s just easier that way and they seem to get it right every time when I do."

Kristy's post has since clocked up over 8.3k reactions on Facebook with seemingly half the people in the comments being understanding of the keto order, while the other half were totally stunned by the lack of bun.

Kristy ordered her burger without a bun.

One hit out: "What's the point in going to McDonald's to eat that lol, go all out or don't go at all lol."

"I just wouldn't go to McDonald's if I ordered something like this," echoed a second.

A third snapped: "Looks like a McThrow-Up."

"This is the most irritating thing I’ve ever seen," quipped a fourth while a fifth advised: "Please, I implore you to just live a little."

Kristy has since posted a follow-up statement about the seemingly controversial Maccies order.

She began: "It’s funny to me as to how many people get so worked up about my McDonald’s order. I made the mistake of looking at some of the comments. Won’t do that again."

She explained that she doesn't let the 'naysayers' have 'any affect' on her, adding: "I do what I gotta do to make this lifestyle work.

"There were some who called me picky, others said it was depressing, some said to just eat the bun and one said I was a McDonald's worker's worst nightmare."

The grub in question.

Kristy said that she 'highly' doubted that it was hard for the McDonalds worker to 'throw together two patties with lettuce, pickles and mayo in a pancake container'.

She clarified: "No, that’s not a public tray like so many people thought. It’s a pancake container."

"And like I said," Kristy went on, "I don’t get fast food often but when I do, this is my go-to in order to keep it low carb.

"If the kiosk is asking me how I want my burger exactly (for example: light lettuce, regular mayo, no ketchup, etc) why not get it exactly how I want it? I’m paying for it!"

Each to their own I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images/Facebook/Kristysketolifestyle

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