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Dietitian shares four simple 'food rules' that help clients lose weight in January

Dietitian shares four simple 'food rules' that help clients lose weight in January

Australian dietitian Susie Burrell has shared some simple tips

A dietitian has shared four simple 'food rules' to help her clients 'reset' after an indulgent Christmas.

Australian dietitian Susie Burrell explained that when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, there are no one set of strict rules to suit everyone.

Instead, she prefers basic 'rules' that target each person's specific lifestyle goals.

Susie has four 'rules' she recommends.

"When you consider that we are presented with more than 200 food decisions every day, it becomes easy to understand why we at times may struggle to make good choices," Susie writes in her new book, The 30 Day Reset Plan, as per MailOnline.

"When you have a food rule, for example, not drinking alcohol during the week, or not eating dessert on weeknights, the brain is not subjected to the extra pressure of having to make another decision, rather, you have a default set of guidelines that keep your diet on track."

Susie suggests packing in the veg where possible.

Susie has four simple 'rules' which she recommends to clients.

The first is refraining from eating sweet food in the day.

Instead, she recommends a sweet treat in the evening, explaining that it helps keep cravings in check.

While some of us like to reach for a glass of wine after work, Susie's second 'rule' means no booze until Thursday.

The dietician also recommends avoiding a boozy drink alongside a big meal.

"If you are drinking a number of alcoholic drinks along with a heavy meal, chances are you will be on the weight gain cycle, which will be exacerbated the later into the evening you are eating and drinking," she explains.

Instead, Susie recommends eating your evening meal earlier and if you want an alcoholic drink, opt for one or two later.

Susie recommends avoiding fried food and too many milky coffees.

If hot drinks are more your thing, Susie recommends skipping the milk in coffee where possible, claiming that it can add 60-100 calories to your drink.

"If you count a milk-based coffee as a slice of toast, in many cases you will only need an extra slice of toast, or a little cereal and yoghurt to complete your breakfast," she notes.

And perhaps unsurprisingly, Susie's fourth 'rule' involves avoiding fried food and takeaways.

"At this time of year, having a firm rule of not eating fried canapés, pub food or takeaway will go a long way in keeping your overall calorie intake controlled," she adds.

Instead, Susie recommends packing in the veggies to home cooked meals whenever possible.

You can read more of Susie's e-book, The 30 Day Reset Plan, here.

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