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People call for viral Starbucks Taybrew drink to be added to the menu permanently

People call for viral Starbucks Taybrew drink to be added to the menu permanently

Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte...

Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte - there's a brand new kid on the block that people are going wild for.

The viral Starbucks drink order in question, known as the 'Taybrew', was created by influencer Taylor-Blue and was inspired by the coffee she slurped on a trip to the States.

While the bev is clearly going down a storm - it's clearly not your average cup of joe - and is actually quite a complex order. Have a look:

So, you may be wondering, how might one ask for the 'Taybrew'?

Well, be sure to go to the counter and ask for a medium cold brew with one pump of vanilla, one pump of caramel, a splash of pouring cream with vanilla cold foam and and maple caramel crunch on the top.

Sounds delicious that.

People all over seem to be obsessed with the coffee order that they're now calling for it to be added to the menu permanently.

One Instagram user penned: "Needs her own Starbucks range!"

"It’s a 100/10 this," praised a second.

A third tagged the official Starbucks UK Instagram page, insisting: "This is better than any of your pre-made offerings, please add it to the menu!"

"Please bring this out!" echoed a fourth. "I'm too scared to go and order it."

A final Instagram user added: "Please put this on your menu as I really am too embarrassed to ask for it again!! It’s a 100/10!!!"

Will you be trying the 'Taybrew'?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@tyla.official/taayblue

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