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McDonald's is giving away Happy Meals with Halloween Squishmallows for just £1 today

McDonald's is giving away Happy Meals with Halloween Squishmallows for just £1 today

The fast-food chain is offering some major discounts

McDonald's has seriously dropped the price on a few of its most popular items on the menu for today (23 October).

The fast-food chain is offering a load of great McDeals including Happy Meals that come with a free Halloween Squishmallow toy for just a quid.

Parents can nab a McDonald's Happy Meal with a free Squishmallow toy for just a pound today (23 October).

The meal deals usually set parents back around £3.59, so customers are saving a decent £2.59, or 72 per cent, with the latest price reduction.

Anyone looking to bag themselves a one-pound Happy Meal simply needs to go to the 'Offers' section of the My McDonald's app on their phone.

The limited-time offer is subject to availability and customers over the age of 18 can only get one Happy Meal each.

Also be sure to double-check whether your nearest Maccies is actually offering the discount deal - before you have to go in and pay full price for a Happy Meal - as there are a number of chains where the offer is not currently running.

The news comes after Maccies launched two limited-edition Halloween McFlurry flavours as part of its new menu.

Up first is the M&M's Halloween McFlurry, which sees the signature 'delicious soft dairy ice cream' being graced by the M&M’s and Halloween sugar shapes, with the whole thing topped off with Galaxy chocolate sauce.

The second is the Twix Toffee Apple McFlurry, which has Twix biscuit and chocolate pieces swirled into the ice cream topped with a toffee apple sauce.


McDonald's is clearly well and truly getting into the spirit of spooky season is with an exciting new addition popped inside every Happy Meal box.

McDonald's has just launched a line of limited-edition Halloween Squishmallows in every Happy Meal.

Squishmallows plushies have been having their moment now for a hot minute, so I'm sure many fans of the soft toys and a good old Maccies will be thrilled to hear the fast-food chain is giving away limited-edition Halloween Squishmallows.

The cuddly toys were first released to the public earlier this month (11 October) in six different options - each with its very own backstory.

Choices include a spider, a bat, a dog with bat wings, a skeleton cat, a black and purple cat and a werewolf.

But, if you're wanting to collect all six, you'll need to have some luck behind you as all Happy Meal toys are allocated on a random basis and specific toys can't be chosen.

McDonald’s has confirmed that customers have until Halloween itself (31 October) to try their hand at collecting all of the limited-edition spook-tacular Squishmallows, after which a brand new line of six autumn-themed toys will take their place instead.

So - that's a dozen TikTok-viral toys to collect in total.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@gilroypippa

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