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Fans set to be devastated as M&S won't be stocking sell-out snow globe gins this Christmas

Fans set to be devastated as M&S won't be stocking sell-out snow globe gins this Christmas

The Christmas tipple favourite will be removed from shelves

Avid shoppers are set to be beyond disappointed this Christmas period after a major UK retailer revealed it won't be stocking its über popular festive items.

Marks & Spencer, Marks & Sparks, M&S - whatever you call it - will not have its sell-out snow globe gins on its shelves this Crimbo.

The tipple has been a fan favourite amongst shoppers over the last few years now its clear we're at the end of the gin-infused era.

Marks and Spencer will be removing their beloved snow globe gins from shelves this Christmas.
Mike Kemp / Contributor / Getty Images

Now, we may all love a cheeky Bailey's or some spiced mulled wine to really warm our cockles during the winter months, but M&S really changed the game back in September 2019 after they created a new, highly coveted contender.

The snow globe gins came in an array of different designs and flavours complete with an LED light in its base which, when switched on, illuminates the bottle's scene.

Alongside the snazzy light show, each gin is also infused with edible 23-carat gold leaf, so when the bottle is gently shaken, it creates a glimmering, Christmassy snow globe.

Talk about pizzazz.

Popular flavours included Clementine, Rhubarb and a Spiced Sugar Plum variety.

At the time of the launch, product Developer, Jenny Rea said: "For me, the switching on of the Christmas lights is a huge festive moment, and in honour of this Yuletide tradition we are introducing a show-stopping, light-up snow globe gin liqueur, complete with edible gold leaf for that extra wow factor."

The festive favourites were first launched back in 2019.
Marks & Spencer

What was once dubbed the 'ultimate Christmas gift' would only set you back £16 for a 70cl bottle - not bad for a whole bottle of alcohol, plus your very own at-home light show all in one.

It seemed the concept was such a hoot that another retailer allegedly attempted to copy the idea.

Aldi launched their very own 'copycat' festive gin leading M&S to take legal action against the chain over claims that customers could potentially mistake Aldi Infusionist Glitter Globe Gin Liqueurs for its own.

In the end, Aldi was eventually found guilty of infringing upon the M&S design and later released three new glitter gins last year, all of which cost £13.99 - a whole two quid cheaper than the snow globe gin bottles.

Flavours at the time included clementine flavour with notes peach and elderflower, a blackberry and blueberry flavour and a snazzy morello cherry offering.

Tyla has reached out to Marks & Spencer for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Mike Kemp / Contributor / Marks & Spencer

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